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For Rosewood Bape, It's all or nothing.

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Mattapan-bred Rosewood Bape is one of the hungriest artists in the state. His latest single "Not My Fault" is taking the city by storm.

RWB recently teased visuals for his latest single, "Not My Fault" with Surefire X TanjTV.

Produced by @jonglass_and @teeba_forbes. Bape gives us an 80s aesthetic with a melodic-trap twist.

Bape on the best advice he ever got.

I could say the best advice I got was from my man Breeze “You gotta treat this like it’s all or nothing” he said that to me back in 2016 in one of our talks.

Boston Culture: That last single you dropped is it man, we've been bumping that like crazy. Tell me about the process in making that record from its inception stages.

Rosewood: I made that record @Glasshouse studio in Beverly, MA.  I had a lot on my mind that session, I had a new born on the way & little stressed out. I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life to bring a baby in I was overthinking.... new dad shit I hear it’s pretty common. I met John Glass about a year and a half ago at Phoenix Down in Somerville. We exchanged maths and we finally linked up about 3-4 months later. I didn’t know how talented he was initially, I’m glad I made that hour drive to his studio to link cause he’s a beast, we start every session catching up on life then we get to work. Teeba I met at the studio as well, he's mad talented & always spreads good vibes in the air.

Boston Culture:Really looking forward to the visual on that. The collab with Tanj TV was dope as well. You working on other projects? 

Rosewood: Yea the live was dope, I enjoyed doing that, deff working on the video as we speak ... shit gotta be a movie can’t rush that one, & yea I’ve been working on some new tunes. I got 100+ records in the vault.

Boston Culture: Where does Rosewood want to be by this time next year. 

Rosewood: By next year I want to hit the charts, billboards etc. really solidify myself in the game 

Boston Culture: You been  working with any new up and coming producer/artists? 

Rosewood:Not working with any new artist or producers at the moment, but I always keep my ear to the streets.  I remember being put on to D the Flyest 3 years ago and I was a fan of his work .. happy to see that boy go. But as of right now I’m focused on expanding my craft & looking into new ways to grow as an artist.  

Boston Culture: What's the longest you've been in the studio? 

Rosewood:Man believe it or not I don’t really put in that much time in the studio, most I’ll ever do is 8 hours, I can cook records all day but I have an ear for what’s a “hit” so I try and aim for that when I make music. When I made “Miss Me” 3 years ago I had that feeling & I had the same feeling with “Not My Fault” .

Boston Culture: What made you want to create your first song ?

Rosewood: Seeing my grandmother record herself singing at the churches in Mattapan In the early 2000’s deff sparked my interest in making music .. 2009 when I was in high school  Soulja boy popped off and I saw a lot of myself in him ...I said fuck it and bought a mic, downloaded a software and started creating... didn’t take it seriously till 2015 tho. 

Boston Culture: What do you dislike about the music industry?

Rosewood: Deff the politics, I ain’t no kiss ass or nothing like that you feel me shit gotta be organic with me, it may take longer that way but it is what it is 

Boston Culture:  Did the pandemic affect any plans you had? 

Rosewood:Pandemic kinda slowed up my rollout for Not My Fault, I had plans on hitting Hot 97 in New York and all that but it is what it is once outside open we back to it. 

Boston Culture : Who are your biggest influences?

Rosewood Bape: My biggest influences are Drake, Rosewood Bape & Rich Porter  (From Paid in Full played by actor Meki Phipher)

Boston Culture : What inspires you to wake up everyday and stay focused, hungry and humble on your goals. 

Rosewood Bape: My son is my biggest motivator right now, I said it in my freestyle “Scars” I dropped on the day he was born “take a risk 4 my son, need a pool & a lake” ... but regardless music is a passion ... it’s therapy so I’ll never stop making it. 

Favoirite Smoke: My favorite strains right now are London Pound Cake & Peach Mintz Favorite Studio: Glasshouse studio;

Favorite Food: I eat anything but my fav food is pasta anything;

Favorite Album: Rosegold by Rosewood Bape

New hobbies: Catching up on documentaries during quarantine

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