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Artist. Visionary. Meet: Michael Twitchy Armstead

"Speak Your Truth": a rule that Michael follows with his art. He portrays the truest form of everything he creates, whether it be through a photograph or a video, and it is always consistent. Meet this aspiring photographer who has dreams of showing African Americans in intricate ways to show his vision.

Boston Culture: When did you start your career in photography?

Mike Twitchy Armstead: I've been taking photos on my phones since 2014 but I started full time in April of 2021.

Boston Culture: It seems you are very interested in the world of arts. What about your involvement in it makes the person who you are today?

Mike Twitchy Armstead: Music has always been a big part of my life. It has especially helped me battle my depression. However, art as a whole has been instrumental in helping me understand who I am and has provided an outlet to express myself authentically. Art is subjective and so am I; not everyone will like how I am but I'm still worth millions.

Boston Culture: What was your first equipment set up like? What is it like now?

Mike Twitchy Armstead: My first official photoshoot was with my Galaxy Note 10+. Now I primarily use a Nikon D90 and I have a Canon M50 as both my backup/video camera, with a Ronin SC gimbal (stabilizer). I also enjoy experimenting with a variety of lens filters and exploring the different aesthetic each one creates.

Boston Culture: Being an African American doing photography, how does this inspire you to keep doing what you do?

Mike Twitchy Armstead: I am inspired by my identity as an African American man and try to use that to capture the essence and stories of people of color, in shoots. I am also very intentional about utilizing color theory in the editing process, on black skin, to ensure I am portraying my people in the best possible light. I am also inspired by the many other photographers and videographers of color and try to seize every opportunity to work with and learn from each other, to better both ourselves and our community.

One of Micheal's most recent Instagram posts.

Boston Culture: Have you ever experienced burnout or a ‘road block’? How were you able to overcome it?

Mike Twitchy Armstead: Absolutely. I remember a time where I had one to three jobs a day, for a week straight, while also working a part time job and doing all of the edits; I felt completely drained. Now, I make sure to schedule at least one day for self care to help rejuvenate myself. As for road block, I do my best to overcome that by constantly pushing myself to be uncomfortable. The moment I feel like I got the hang of something, I push myself out of that comfort zone and explore with new techniques, edits, locations, and even color schemes. You have to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Boston Culture: On your website, you have photographs all having to do with nature. What about nature speaks to you in a way for you to go out of your way to take these pictures?

Mike Twitchy Armstead: I love nature! Nature is like a paradox in that it can be extremely peaceful or it can be disastrous. However, in either state I have never seen pure nature look ugly, even in the worst snowstorms or tropical storms. We are born of this Earth, and I see nature as a reflection of who we are in our purest and most beautiful form; how could you not be addicted to it?

Boston Culture: In some of your most recent posts on Instagram, there are posts of people playing board games. Is there something you are releasing that you want to share to the public?

Mike Twitchy Armstead: So those board game pictures were of a game night that I was invited too with friends. Although, I would like to say that I do have a couple of mythical creature shoots that I am working on, hopefully in the near future we will start to see some sneak peeks.

Another one of his most recent shoots on Instagram.

Boston Culture: On that note, do you have any plans going into 2022 that we should be on the lookout for?

Mike Twitchy Armstead: I do plan to expand more into the art world with this recent explosion of NFT's (non-fungible tokens), which are a new form of digital art work that is being bought, sold, or traded. So I would definitely say to look out for my first NFT collection for sure.


Michael has provided us with insightful answers on his craft, identity, and vision for the future. We are truly grateful we got the opportunity to speak to him. We are excited for his future projects and because of that, he needs all of the support he can get.

Follow Michael's socials and his website for more of his work.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/speaktruth_13/

Website: https://michaelarmstead.darkroom.tech/

Email: michaelarmstead13@gmail.com

He also is an editor, videographer, and photographer. Reach him through Instagram or his email to get into contact for his services.

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