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BigWFine$$E Releases a Movie for "Carry On"- Exclusive Q & A

BigWFine$$e has been applying pressure all year. During our talk, we discuss the changes that the pandemic has had on his music, mentality and goals. Make sure to take a minute to subscribe to his youtube channel and check out his latest video "Carry On".

Boston Culture: Where did you grow up? How was that like?

BigWFine$$e: I was born in Dorchester in ‘92. Grew up moving round to Rhode Island, Florida, and back. Got expelled from Boston Public in middle school. When I had to move out to Framingham to live with my father. I was always into music growing up from doing solo songs to Djing at a young age. Boston Culture: How did you get your name?

BigWFine$$e: I grew up mad heads called me many nicknames but once I got older is when everybody in high school was calling me W. Finesse came later on with my people. Boston Culture: Talk to us about "Carry On" BigWFine$$e: Carry On was inspired by a lot of things I was seeing in my life. I started realizing it's not just in my life but its actually uncommon to not see this type things in your life when u see some punks acting up and acting out for no reason. It be crazy. I felt like what I wrote had to be something that needed to get acknowledged and set a tone. And just put mfrs in they place. Boston Culture: Talk to us about your creative process in coming up with visual ideas. BigWFine$$e: My visual ideas is just having my people in there so far. I ain't get to tap in that director chair yet. But we working, got some great songs some for the kids on TikTok, and also some real serious things. I got some ideas coming.

Boston Culture: What was the best advice you got early in your career? BigWFine$$e: Don't give up. Shit be livid out here and sometimes you want to just crash out on somebody and give it all up but nah I realize thats just one of those tests God put in front of us to see. But I'm here just enjoying what I'm be blessed with. Let this shit rock out.

Boston Culture: Walk us through the first time you ever made a song. What inspired you, what did you make it on, etc. BigWFine$$e: I remember writing songs when I was young like 10 years old but it wouldn't be writin it’d be like catchy lil saying me and my boys would say. My first song I actually remember like the recording was at grandfather's house. In my Uncles room they had set up some mics up to this big-ass blocks fa computers we used to have but long story short they had it set up so we used to fuck around on it recording some remixes. That's was the first time I recorded something. Boston Culture: Top 3 favorite artists? No order.

BigWFine$$e: Bob Marley, Tupac, Michael Jackson

Boston Culture: Walk is through your creative process in the studio. BigWFine$$e: My creative process has to be a “huh hears the beat” and then I start rollin up spark write few then get in the booth. I go in the booth it just be different.

Boston Culture: What do you dislike about the art world/music industry? BigWFine$$e: They got everybody on drugs. Most industry music that get played now be mostly side-pitching weird shit to do. We keepin it G over here. Other then bud that other shit weird. Boston Culture: Who or what are some of your biggest influences? Talk to us about your roots. BigWFine$$e: I get influence by anything great and pure. So if your being genuine and a great at what it is you doing, you influence me. A lot of people just stay down because they don't appreciate what's right there in front of them always want more. I'm just appreciative I’m here most of the time. Boston Culture: Talks to us about your younger mentality and what allowed you to stay focused on your goals. BigWFine$$e: My younger mentality used to be a lot of rage, no discipline. Shit, I knew I thought I had discipline but all that rage inside of me got me in some trouble that calmed my ass down a lot. Boston Culture: Tell us about your goals for 2021. BigWFine$$e: 2021 I see an abundance of love, meeting new people, and getting deeper in the industry. At least people will be seeing me a lot more places and performances.

Boston Culture: Did the pandemic affect any of your plans? BigWFine$$e: Yes I had a project to drop 2020. But we just held it down I was preparing to do more performances but due to Covid couldn't tap in all the way. But I got to work more on marketing and promotion ideas so we learned with that loss. Boston Culture: What brands should sponsor you? BigWFine$$e: Definitely Nike. Just do it, like they say.

Boston Culture: Anything else we missed you want to tell your fans? BigWFine$$e: Expect more from me, I be rapping but I got the worldwide flavor coming for the world. Keep an eye out fa me.

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