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Boston-bred Jesenia Releases New Single 'Do Me Like That" out now on all DSP's!

Boston's own Jesenia, singer/songwriter is filled with raw talent, diversity, versatility and passion. Jenesia's silky, soothing lyrics that speak directly to the soul represent the R&B-infused Hip Hop sound that she seeks to exert through her music.

As an artist who has experienced the trauma of growing up in a dysfunctional environment, Jesenia seeks to create an uplifting space with her music, a refuge to connect with anyone experiencing struggle in their life, while on the pursuit of happiness. Make sure to check out her latest single "Do Me Like That"produced by Cushi Cooks!

See video below or click to listen to her song here.

Jesenia's purpose became undeniably evident in 2020 as Jesenia gained a massive TikTok following after going viral. 2021 will be a huge year for her, as she now has resources to help her career backed by Matt Cap CEO of Hall of Fame Music Group.

We were able to quickly catch up with Matt and ask him a few questions about his label that scouted Jesenia.

Boston Culture: What do you look for in talent?

Matt Cap: I look for people who I can tell have been grinding alone in their bedroom for years perfecting their craft purely because of passion.

Boston Culture: What’s your vision for the label? Matt Cap: In 5 years I plan to have a full roster of artists (especially ones from Boston), and a partnership with a major record label where the artists get deals that allow them to keep ownership and eat forever.

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