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Boston Bred UNEXPECTED360 drops "Hard To Love", Exclusive Q&A

Dorchester Bred Unexpected360 talks to us about his latest release, hungry mentality, working on his mixtape and much more!

Boston Culture: Where did you from/ grow up?

Unexpected360: I was born & raised in Boston specifically the Dorchester area. Growing up was a little difficult we didn’t have a lot of money and my mom was trying to make it happen by herself. I ended up taking to the streets early, did what I had to do to provide for myself and try to help my mom anyway possible.

Boston Culture: How did you get your name?

Unexpected360: I came up with my name, I really got it off the way that life works you know. You can be up or down and get an unexpected 360 to change your situation either for the better or worse. You don’t always know how it’s gonna happen it just plays out feel me.

Boston Culture: Talk to us about "A Unexpected EP" and "Hard to Love"

Unexpected360: I made “A Unexpected EP” just to really show my versatility, I got three songs on there for the ladies and three songs on there for the guys. Each song is a different vibe and each song has a different sound. Hard To Love was a song I used to vent, I was really just expressing myself off of some issues I was having personally.

Boston Culture: Talk to us about "Blackout" how did you get the idea for the visual?

Unexpected360: BlackOut was for my guys, we ran into some issues that really set us back. A lot of them were left without voices. I wanted Boston to know that it wasn’t over. The visuals were a collaboration between my camera man & I. I used the fire in the barrel scene as an example of the situation, the dark background for how things were left when the situation was over. The fire was used as a definition of me trying to keep the light on my neighborhood after that fact you know. My camera man came up with the money scene in which I think he made a great decision with that one.

Boston Culture : What was the best advice you got early in your career?

Unexpected360: I didn’t really get any advice when I started. It was mainly because a lot of people didn’t know I could really rap. Like I use to rap before and make songs on SoundCloud but I wouldn’t take anything serious. I really started taking this serious a year ago.

Boston Culture: What do you dislike about the art world/music industry?

Unexpected360: There’s not a lot that I dislike, I’m a creative person overall so I find beauty in creativity itself you know. But one thing I would say is I feel like a lot of people have to much of the same sounds and say a lot of the same things. That’s just my opinion though.

Boston Culture: Who or what are some of your biggest influences?

Unexpected360: Music and artist are definitely my biggest influences, like my top 5 rappers would be Biggie, Eminem, Meek Mill, Drake, and Lil Baby. So I feel like when I rap it be a mixture of them on it.

Boston Culture: Talks to us about your younger mentality.

Unexpected360: I was reckless when I was younger made a lot of poor decisions that cost me more than I expected. But what really allowed me to stay focused was my son, I was in a dark place before I had him but when he came I really had to sit down and look at myself in the mirror and reevaluate my life in general.

Boston Culture : What do you think of the music scene in the State? Are there any other Boston producers or artists you'd potentially like to work with for the next project?

Unexpected360: I love what the state has been doing I feel like everyone is definitely putting in a crazy effort to make Boston be the next contender in the music industry. One person I wanted to work with since I first heard him was Millyz, I feel like right now he’s the only person really putting on for the city. Respect to everything he doing & everything he got going on.

Boston Culture : Tell us about your goals for 2021.

Unexpected360: My goals for 2021 is just to really get myself out there more, I feel like I have a different sound that a lot of people could gravitate too they just haven’t had the chance to hear me yet. Definitely making some business moves behind the scenes with some known people, but as far as future projects that’s coming. Been working on my mixtape, I just want to make sure it’s harder than my EP feel me.

Boston Culture: Did the pandemic affect any of your plans?

Unexpected360: This pandemic wasn’t the best thing that happened you know a lot of good people lost their lives over it but to be honest it kind of low key helped me. This pandemic definitely made everyone switch up their hustle, and make changes to get out their comfort zone. I just feel like those changes put me in position to be able to grab certain opportunities.

Boston Culture : What brands should sponsor you?

Unexpected360: That’s a good question bro, i would probably say Jordan or Nike. I’ve been collecting them since I was younger. Always had the new Jordans and the new Nikes to go with the fresh fit feel me. Shoes play a big part of my life. They bring me back a lot memories.

Boston Culture : How did you get the attention of Jadakiss?

Unexpected360: I just tried my luck on IG to be honest, I put my music in his hands and he liked what he heard. He got back to me & we got straight to work. I was definitely surprised when he reached back out you know, like Jadakiss is a legend in the industry. He definitely paved his way into the game and left a lot of influence for the real bar spitters. Respect to his movement and campaign

Boston Culture :Anything else we missed you want to tell your fans?

Unexpected360: Follow my ig @unexpected_360 that’s were you can stay updated with all of my stuff. As far as music, pictures, interviews, & shows.

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