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Lord Felix flexes his Lyrical Genius on ‘With the Whole World Watching’

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Brockton talent never appears without hiding half of his face behind a mirrored futuristic visor, looking as if he’s just arrived from Mars.

He won’t reveal his age — won’t narrow it down beyond somewhere in his 20s — or even his full name. He’s spent the past few years developing his sound and style in Brockton’s burgeoning hip-hop scene. That’s where he met most of his collaborators, who have since formed a creative collective, Van Buren. The group, named after a fictional gang from the show Seinfeld, includes artists and producers from around Brockton who create music both together and independently, often featuring on each others’ tracks. Lord Felix also uses his design skills to create show posters for the group’s other members; the collective is about supporting each other both as artists and individuals.

Take a listen his latest track.

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