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Cam Meekins one of the city's top artist to look out for: lamp city 2 later this summer

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Scouted by the firm that manages Cousin Stizz, Cam Meekins and Michael Christmas. Cam can do it all. Produce, Rap, Engineer, Write and more.

Cam Meekins was born in Massachusetts on March 14, 1993, and started his rapping career at a very young age. When he was at 6th Grade, he began making beats and began to excel in his career when he was in high school. At that time, he was doing production and engineering, and his rap music was officially recorded in junior year. He founded Lamp City Records, a famous recording and production company. When he was growing, he was involved in numerous musical groups and played ball.

Cam has recorded numerous songs that are valued by millions of people. One of his famous songs is Better Days, a lyrical rap dedicated to a girl he loved. He composes lyrics that are unmatched by his peers and challenge the seniors in the industry. He is not just a hip-hop artist. He is a trained and learned musician, songwriter, and visionary, who is in charge of his destiny. He also grew up in a family that loved and cherished music, leading to his talent shining when he was at a tender age. He was able to play guitar, piano, and drums when he was only ten years old. He worked with several local artists and produced several hits. Some of the bands and artists he worked with include Dave Matthews, Sublime, and Dispatch.

He admits that his music style was influenced by Jay-Z, Kanye West, Biggie, and other prominent musicians from the East Coast. Cam suffered a near-death experience when he was 15-years old, which was a significant turning point for his life. He was involved in a jet-ski accident that left him bleeding to near-death. As he was recovering from the experience, he spent much time thinking about his future. This settled his mind on concentrating on his music career. After recovery, he started working with Matty Trump, a well-known producer based in Boston. Together with Trump, they recorded their first hit, Just Like You, within 2 hours after their first meeting. The duo continued to work together, leading to Cam's release of the mixtape dubbed 1993 in 2011. The release of 1993 took the hip-hop scene by storm, which led to Cam's prominence when he was still a kid. He used music to express his ideas and intimate thoughts and experiences. Giant Records/Atlantic Record signed Cam as the first hip-hop artist in 2012, which expanded his career. Cam has a unique style in his music, and his songs pump a different mix of sounds. Since producing his first mixtape, he has continued to take the hip-hop world with storm, and much is expected in the coming years.

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