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Chelsea-bred artist hoping to put on for his city and inspire others

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Lex Finesse talks about being a Latino artist, loosing himself in the streets and much more.

Lex Finesse has been putting in a lot of grind to master his craft. Check out his DC2 Freestyle and latest single on Spotify, "First Day Out".

Boston Culture: Where you grow up?

Lex Finesse: Born in Boston, raised in Chelsea Mass. Growing up I’ve always been a nerd, a schoolboy. Good grades and scholarships to colleges. I chose to attend Lasell University and am less than a semester away from graduating. However, after high school I decided to jump into the streets doing dirty business. That's how I gained the street smarts and experienced so many insane things. I’ve been robbed at gunpoint, I started to lose myself in the drug game, (Chelsea being a hot spot). 

Boston Culture: How old were you when you first got involved in music?

Lex Finesse: My elementary school music teacher told me I had a good voice and should audition for the Boston’s Children’s Choir.I was accepted and that began my experience with music and live performance. I was probably around 13/14.

In middle school I continued my music ventures as I played the trumpet and then the French horn in the school chorus. Bedside these formal music situations, I was writing music and freestyling with friends since middle school as well. So about 16 years old.

Fav Smoke: Exotic Gas and Ay Bendito

Fav Studio: Echo in Brighton

Food for take-out: Fried chicken or a Plato Montañero, which is a rice plate with beans, plaintain, steak, chicharon (pork) and  fried egg.

Favorite artists: Lil Gotit, Gherbo, and Lil Uzi

Fav Hobbies: Making music. With my music I would like to inspire my audience to hustle and never give up on they dreams regardless of downfalls you always get back up.

Dream Project: Chief Keef, Playboi Carti, Juicewrld, LuhSoldier and Lil Uzi.

Boston Culture: Who have you been collabing with?

Lex Finesse: My producer is @producedby_jazzmania. He is fire, got different styles of beats at affordable prices. Artist I got projects with on the way are @kingfrom98 @ellzfte @delat1nta @chelseamav @yunglife.rell and I can’t wait till y’all see this fire we cooking. My last song is about getting out of jail and just turning up. Bottles, females, money, the whole nine yards. The visual for this song is being edited as we speak, kepp and eye out 

Boston Culture: What's the longest stu session?

Lex Finesse: The longest I’ve been in the stu is like 5 hours, we wanted to make sure the song was perfect. We be lit in the studio turning up to the music meanwhile checking for flaws.

Boston Culture: Who did you look up to?

Lex Finesse: I started recording music when I saw my boy was doing it. @ellzfte and he started recording me in a home stu and it took off from there. Two idols I do have are Lil Wayne and Key Glock. My biggest influences are Nipsey Hussle, Rick Ross, Young Dolph, Trippie Redd, and Skippa da Flippa.

Boston Culture:Tell me about your process in creating.

Lex Finesse: In creating music.. I listen to the beat many time. Over time I add lyrics that come to my head and revise so much. When I go to the stu my rap is ready to go.

My only flaw is developing a flow after having written down bars. 

Boston Culture: What's your most memorable experience?

Lex Finesse: My most amazing experience as an artist was performing live on stage thanks to my guy @londoncustoms_ I will forever appreciate his putting work in for me and getting me on a stage. 

Boston Culture: What do you dislike about the industry?

Lex Finesse: What I don’t like about the music industry is bogus contracts. Artist think it’s their big break when offered a deal, but more times than not the artist get fuck over on the contract. I also hate how congested the music industry is. 

Boston Culture: What inspires you?

Lex Finesse:What inspires me everyday, is that I have people that look up to me and depend one me. It’s my duty to provide them inspiration and support. 

Was in the studio last week. Gonna get that track mastered, in the meantime hitting the studio this weekend to cook up so new heat on the way! Also new video being edited to drop soon for First Day Out, (out on major platforms). 

Boston Culture: What else did we left out?

Lex Finesse: I want my fans to know I got mad love for y’all and don’t hesitate to hit me up if u need help with the music shit. Stay blessed and inspired and remember anything negative in your life is not the end of the world. Peace, love y’all. 

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