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Boston-bred MaZing has a story to tell

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Sonically Gifted Music Group's MaZing is a man on a mission trying inspiring many across the state. In his latest visuals, we see his unique style & vivid story telling.

STRENGTH COMES FROM STRUGGLE. WHEN YOU LEARN TO SEE YOUR STRUGGLES AS OPPORTUNITIES TO BECOME STRONGER, BETTER, WIT, THEN YOUR THINKING SHIFTS FROM “I CAN’T DO THIS” TO “I MUST DO THIS”. The music video was shot and edited by @sof0klis. The track was produced by @juandon617 and mixed & mastered by @robierowland.

Another track from MaZing that has been getting a lot of buzz is Keep Running.

The visuals was also shot and edited by @sof0klis, produced by @juandon617 and mixed by @robierowland.

Check out the other visuals he released a few months ago,

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