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D’Brand by Phor talks boston fashion scene and Puerto Rican upbringing

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Phor Popes is addicted to leaving memorable experiences and never staying satisfied.

Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer from Lawrence with a strong Puerto Rican heritage

Phor Popes on the Boston Fashion Scene.

The fashion scene in Boston is starting to evolve. We are living in times where Art is a Way of Life. Art to me is emotions. You create out of emotions. I personally feel if everyone comes together and create we can create a movement. There is too many different groups/brands that are so distanced and afraid to ask for help. I feel just like the Fashion scene in Boston is evolving you can’t take away from the fact that pride and egos are growing as well. Once we understand the definition of unity, we would rise. I like to say “The sky has no limits” reason why because you’re going to tell me that once your outta of space there's a ceiling that doesn’t allow you to keep going up ??? 🧐 Think about that, just let that sink in! 

Boston Culture: Where are you from how did you get started? Phor Popes: I’m from Puerto Rico and raised equally in Boston and Lawrence area.  I first explored my creativity 2012 with a group called OsOs in Boston, decided to fully create my own brand 2018, I was 23.

Favorite Smoke or Drink: Lately I’ve been smoking designer just to loose my self in my thoughts and show off my talents through my creations. Favorite Designer: Jeremy Scott  Favorite Model: Nataly Popes  Favorite Movie/Show: Favorite movie would have to be Coach Carter and show would be POWER!! Who ever doesn’t like power is an alien. Favorite Brand: Besides my brand I would have to say “Moschino” they really create outside the box and it’s very inspiring.  Favorite part of quarantine: I get to learn more about myself and surrounding. 

Boston Culture: Where do you want to be by this time next year? Phor Popes: My vision has to do with a lot of delegating, this time next year I want to be able to be healthier with a clearer mindset.

Boston Culture: What have you been working on?

Phor Popes: I’ve been working on collaboration with face masks with a lot of local brands in the city.  My dream project consist of a plethora of employees creating my designs! Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to be the only CEO still in the factory helping them design my creations. 

Boston Culture: Talk to us about your first Fashion show. Phor Popes:My first fashion show was in downtown Boston and it was a learning experience and a confirmation, I got the idea by being around other designers and models. I knew a lot of brands and they didn’t know how to take the first step into directing their own shows. I feel that the best way to learn in life is to throw yourself in the fire. That’s exactly what I did. Let’s fast forward to my last fashion show which was in NY at New York Fashion Week, I’ve gain a lot of knowledge and still learning as of today and has gave me the confident to go after what ever I want in life. Everyone is human!

Boston Culture: What’s the hardest part?

Phor Popes: The hardest part about creating a fashion show is making sure everyone’s is reliable. I’ve had a lot of designers and models drop at last minute which led to me improvising and adapting. Boston Culture: Walk us how you direct a show. Phor Popes: I like to make sure the crowd is enjoying themself just as much as everyone participation in the event. Mainly I like to look at what’s going and how the crowd interacts and moves. So I can already have that in play for the next show I direct.  Boston Culture: Was there a time in your career when you thought. "Yo this is crazy" ? Phor Popes:Yes !!!! When I was a featured designer at NYFW, I was like wow, we the only Bostonians in the establishment!!!! It felt good knowing I was representing not just Boston but Massachusetts as a whole. 

Boston Culture: What made you want to create your first design? Phor Popes: Funny thing is that growing up I wanted to be a baseball player, my parents always had me in tournaments, I was traveling state to state with my AAU baseball team. It wasn’t till my sophomore year at West Roxbury high school that I decided to focus on fashion. I was always fashionable growing up n in high school I even won “Best dressed” all 3 Year I was attending that school. I was part of this fashion/Music brand called “OsOs”, I designed clothes for them and it was just buying apparel in bulks and heat pressing our logo with minor changes on the clothing. We had a great run for about 2 years and egos got in the way and we all went our separate path , NOW we forward to 2018 when I came up with my personal brand and started designing clothes from scratch. What really made me want to design all my clothes is the compliments I kept getting from others because I have a unique style that compliments my vibe. To me I felt I was giving these high fashion brand free promotion, like if I was paying them to promote their clothes. That didn’t sit well with me at ALL!!!! I was 23 when I started really designing clothes, and that’s when I decided that I’m going to design what I like and if people don’t like it, well that’s the risk ima take. I would have to personally say I really looked up to my mother and my pops. My mother because she is the strongest individual I know, she really holds it down for us. I also looked up to my father because he was the most responsible person I know, he made sure all the bills was paid, I remember one time he one $200 on a scratch ticket and instead of treating himself, he literally paid the cable or light bill I can’t fully remember at the moment but I know it was a BILL! Boston Culture: Tell me about your process in creating designs?

Phor Popes: My process creating designs I feel is what kind of makes me feel human. For those that know me knows that I get Sh** done!!! I’m always looking for ways to create opportunities not just for me but also for those around me. I like to make sure opportunities are beneficial for both parties.  Boston Culture: What inspires you to create?

Phor Popes: The most amazing moment I’ve experience as a designer would have to be.............being able to Provide self love to those that are not confident in themselves. That right there is not just a blessing but also a motivation to reach higher points in my life.   Boston Culture:What was the best advice you got early in your career?  Phor Popes: The best advice i ever received in my earlier career is a saying in Spanish, in English it says “He who don’t take advice will never grow” Boston Culture:What do you dislike about the art world/fashion-industry? Phor Popes: The main thing I hate about the fashion world is that their is too many Brands with out a meaning, no purpose, they are just doing it to do it!!! Just because everyone else is doing it. See me, I’m ready to die for my craft, not too many can say that.  Boston Culture:Who are your biggest influences? Phor Popes: My biggest influencers would be my parents of course, my girls friend because she keeps me balanced, KANYE!!!! And not just because he’s a billionaire because of he’s emotions behind he’s words when he spoked about he’s goals. So many individuals told him other wise and he kept going.  Boston Culture: What inspires you to wake up everyday and stay focused? Phor Popes: What inspires me to keep going would be the current position I am in, I’m not satisfied with how I’m living. I want more out of life, I know I can provide value not just to the fashion world but also to the whole world itself!  Boston Culture:What do you want to let your fans know that you haven't mentioned? Phor Popes: I want to let them know that I’m full of strength not weakness, I have a goal that’s going to get me to my other goals. I just feel Fashion is my door to Success. PERIOD! 

Boston CultureWhat brands should sponsor you? Phor Popes: ’m going to answer this question in the most humble way I can, every brand should sponsor me. Lately I’ve been approaching Burberry, yea I know!!! I SWING FOR THE FENCES. I’ve design a female collection for a photoshoot called “D’VIBES” and it’s exactly what Burberry needs. They need challenge themself more in their female department for their summer female collections. I like to challenge myself in so many ways.

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