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DJ E DUBBLE is confident that this is the most talent that we have had in Boston at once.

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Tour, Radio Personality and Mixshow DJ on @JAMN945. Host of #TheLaunchPad and Official DJ for Joyner Lucas. He discusses his roots, mentality and the industry.

The success of DJ E DUBBLE is no surprise given his work ethic and creativity. He's known as the Mixtape Prince of Mass. While the accolades are much appreciated, E DUBBLE's pure love and passion for music is unmatched. Beyond his ear for diverse sounds and musicality, it’s actually the surplus of new talent in the new generation that keeps him inspired, especially in Massachusetts. He's a huge supporter of supporting local artists and has always used his platform to help and inspire others.

DJ E DUBBLE on the Boston music scene

I personally feel that this is the most talent that we have had in this city at once. By no means am I saying that there was never talent here or in abundance for that matter. There are a lot of active artists in our region doing their thing at the same time (Joyner, Bia, Stizz, Millyz, 7981 Kal, D The Flyest and many more) that I genuinely feel have a real opportunity at taking things to the next level. I'd like to see more unity within the region, it doesn't necessarily have to be a collaboration, just networking and building from within can be great. I love DJing and will do it for the rest of my life but I plan on becoming an A&R which will not conflict with what I do at JAMN. I know where the heat is, so why not cultivate it the appropriate way and put things in motion?

Boston Culture : How did you first catch the attention of JAMN945 and Joyner Lucas?  DJ E DUBBLE: I was a special guest DJ on a show that was called Reggaeton Jamz. I ended up getting an internship with what was then known as the "Ramiro and Pebbles" morning show. I worked hard and earned a permanent slot as a weekly mixer. Me and Joyner met when he was part a group, I hosted their mixtape but me and him maintained a relationship when he went on a solo artist.

Boston Culture : Love watching episodes of #TheLaunchPad. It puts on for the culture and shows love to local artists. How did it get started?

DJ E DUBBLE: #TheLaunchPad started with one of my radio mentors and Boston legend Geespin in the early 2000's and focused on Underground/Street Music and provides the opportunity to show love the artists in our region as well. I will be rolling out full interview videos on my YouTube page soon!

Boston Culture : Was there ever a studio session or a time you were at a radio show when you thought. "Yo this is crazy" ?

DJ E DUBBLE: I've had a lot of dope moments in the studio with artists but the one guest who always does it Fat Joe. I always felt if there was a radio station that showed love to the Classic Hip Hop Era like they do with "Rock" Joe would be the perfect host. The way he tells the stories will get you every time. I remember me and the whole JAMN Mixshow DJ crew were at Reginas in Medford for about 4 Hours as he was telling stories to the point they were closing and we were still outside talking to him. I remember rapping along with his lyrics on a karaoke machine and now he is a friend.....Hip Hop is dope! Boston Culture : I want to get into your mentality from when you were first exploring your creativity. What made you want to start DJ'ing? Was there someone you looked up to or aspired to be? DJ E DUBBLE: There definitely was/is a lot of work that needs to be put in just to get where I am at now and I am not satisfied yet. Just by looking at the turntable setup I understood what was going on. My first Mixtape that I bought was DJ Clue Winter Blizzard 94 and a Goldfinger joint as well. This made me want to get in the mixtape game. Then DJ Chubby Chub moved to my area and I followed him and we have built a relationship. I can't say one DJ specifically but Clue, Flex, Drama, Khaled, D Nice down to Envy. Boston Culture : What was the best advice you got early in your career? DJ E DUBBLE: Kool DJ Red Alert told me "If its in your heart, you'll find a way to make it happen" and you know the typical "Remain Humble" line too. Humble is something I will always be, when it comes to this game my ego is out the window because it doesn't do anything positive in my opinion. Boston Culture : What do you dislike about the art world/music industry? DJ E DUBBLE: I dislike when the business interferes with the art. However, it is called the "Music Business" so the best thing to do is prepare and be knowledgeable about the game. The politics really spoil the game and prevent moments from happening. Boston Culture : What's one thing you posses that separates you from other DJs? DJ E DUBBLE: There are many things that separate me from the others but I will say my vision and music knowledge. I've really been living this music thing as far as I can remember back. Boston Culture : Did the pandemic affect any plans you had?

DJ E DUBBLE: I had plans of traveling and a few other things that got thrown off but I'm not mad at it. Everyone is going through it at the same time so I refuse to be selfish about it. I found a way to see the good in this current situation.  Boston Culture : Who are your biggest influences? DJ E DUBBLE: The 90's as a whole, Puff and the Bad Boy Era did a lot for me as well! As far as DJing I love what DJ Clue did for the game when he dropped "The Professional" he made us look at these mixtapes differently. I respect what DJ Drama and Khaled have done as well, they've all pushed this culture forward and make me feel like I can fall along the same lines. Boston Culture : How much has Boston changed since you first started out? DJ E DUBBLE: The city is still the city, I'm starting to see more love being shown within our region. When I was told that I would be in charge of The Launch Pad I made sure that I tapped into the youth. I feel proud to be the one to give them their first spin on radio. I do feel that we are in a better place overall, we have artists from our city that are making a name on the Billboard Charts, Radio Charts and within the industry as a whole. Boston Culture : Who's on your dream project?

DJ E DUBBLE: I'm actually working on a project right now. However, I'm using talent from right here in our region, I know I can make hits with our own people. However, I have been putting some plays together in the industry. I can't lock in on an artist but I can tell you that I will be hands on in the process from production, ideas and maybe even writing. Boston Culture : What inspires you to wake up everyday and stay focused, hungry and humble on your goals. 

DJ E DUBBLE: I used to motivated by the fear of failure but that has changed to the fear of not reaching my fullest potential. I'm not where I want to be so until then every time I wake up its hustle hard and smart!

DJ E DUBBLE on who's coming up next.

Millyz, 7981 Kal, DTheFlyest, Jefe Replay, Wizz Dakota (Producer,Artist and Song Writer), Jiggz (Watch Out For Him For Real), Dutch ReBelle, Vintage Lee, Oompa, Prince Smooth, Dutchy DoBad, Eighty Eight, Treva Holmes, Bia Javier

Boston Culture : What has been your favorite experience about your job?

DJ E DUBBLE: My favorite experience is when I get love for doing what I love. Its truly a blessing to do what you love for a living and I will never overlook that.

Boston Culture : What brands should sponsor you and why?

DJ E DUBBLE: I don't smoke nor drink so things would have to hand in hand with my lifestyle. I am heavy in the sneaker game so Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Reebok etc. A NewEra sponsorship only makes sense as well for my fitted game. Some clothing brands are hit or miss so that varies. It would be dope to have a Fiji Water sponsorship.

Favorite Smoke or Drink: Never Smoke Nor Drank.....but water, orange juice that is not from concentrate or a smoothie will do.

Favorite Food or Snack: I'm really into the Acai Bowls and fruit right now. 

Favorite Album/Artist: "Victory Lap" By Nipsey & Nipsey Hussle

Hobbies: Finally hitting the treadmill, I hate running if its not on a basketball court.

Favorite part of quarantine: Peace...being able to relax and get things done that I didn't have time for until now.

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