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Dorchester's Big Money Entertainment- Jay Drippa, Jay Blzy & D Bangz (Interview Q&A)

If you’ve been keeping your eyes and ears open to the artists rising out of New England, it’d be safe to assume that you’re familiar with Dorchester's Big Money Entertainment.  With a team of creative and promising artists that includes growing acts such as Jay Drippa, Jay Blzy & D Bangz, the talented group is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore and they been applying a lot of pressure. There's been a crazy amount of talent blowing up out of Dorchester from Cousin Stizz, Clinton Sparks and 7981Kal. It’s no secret by now that Big Money Entertainment is seen as one of the most promising hip hop underground groups out and we see this put to its full effect with flex-worthy visuals for “Gimme A Reason”. We can see the trio's raw talent on Jay Drippa's debut music video directed by Swaggyr. We recently caught up with them where they talked about the pandemic, their hungry mentality and big plans for 2021.

Boston Culture: Where you guys from? Jay Blzy: I grew up in Dorchester/Somerville area My whole life. First I lived on Barry Street (Dorchester)with my whole family including Jay Drippa and my uncle Duce that died to gun violence and that really hurt me because he is one of the main reason I am so passionate about music.Until the age of 11 because I lost my father because of the system, due to Dorchester being a very dangerous area. So my mother, sisters , and I moved to Somerville at the age of 11. Where I face the same problem my father had to face.  Jay Drippa: I’m from Dorchester been there all my life.  It was fun , had a couple child hood friends who I chilled with , and I got a lot of cousins so we was cooling. There was many distractions and shit you can get ya self into, I just been about my sports , bread and music. D Bangz: I grew up in Dorchester it's a tough neighborhood to live it when theres a lot of violence going on.

Boston Culture: How has the pandemic affected your plans? D Bangz: Actually it didn't effect it at all since people are in the house doing nun and chillin they gonna listen to my music and tune in. Jay Blzy: The pandemic really gave me the free time I needed to write the best music I have so far made in my opinion, it also helped me widen my fan base because of the Promotions I was able to create to make my music spike in views.  Jay Drippa: Ehhh the pandemic only messed up a show I had before the quarantine happened, but like Blzy said, it made me honestly dig deeper into my music and figure out my different sounds, also gave me time to learn more about the business side of music Boston Culture: What has been your favorite thing to do during the pandemic? D Bangz: Hit the stu all i wanna do is work Jay Blzy: Rap to be honest because I would site with my friends and roll up and smoke and we would free sytle and what ever beat i fuck with the most i would take and write a song to later that same night. But if I got stuck I would never give up and keep writing to it another days Jay Drippa: My favorite thing was to write new music and create a plan for my future , I really focused on bettering my self so after the the quarantine i can go full throttle 

Boston Culture: Was there ever a studio session when you thought. "Yo this is crazy" ? Jay Drippa:  NO CAP EVERY studio session I feel like I wanna cry because we get better and better the songs be making the hairs on my body stand up  D Bangz: When we mad gimme a reason it was our first time doing a song together and the chemistry was excellent Jay Blzy: My first song big shot was my first time recording in a official recording studio. Show me show me how much talent I could have. The longest I’ve ever been in a studio session was 8 hours with Jay Drippa, D Bangz, Splash( the manager) Breezy (also an artist ) on the rise coming to you soon and the fam. 

Boston Culture: Talk to us about "Gimme A Reason", How did you guys get the concept for the visual,  to get started on the record/project and execute the vision?  Jay Drippa: We made this song on a 30 mins care ride , after making the song we knew how lit it was gonna be. for the visual we wanted to do something different then just staying around the neighborhood, so we took a trip to Vegas linked up with swaggyr and made a movie D Bangz: Well we wanted gimme a reason to be a summer jam but the video took kinda long to come in so we had to drop it in fall but we wanted it to be a lit song make everyone get jiggy to it  Jay Blzy: To be honest we are in the car ride going to the studio session and we found a beat on earlier date and we were all supposed to have a versus done before the studio session but none of us did so during the car ride it was about 30 minutes long we were able to write the whole entire song within those 30 minutes. 

Boston Culture: Talk to us about previous projects or what you got planned for 2021l? Jay Blzy: I’ve been planning a EP called if you  ain’t with me you're against me. I created the concept because of my area I lived in seen a whole lotta real and a whole lotta hate.  Boston Culture: When did you realize you wanted to be in the game and what steps do you take to perfect your creative craft? Jay Drippa: I realized I wanted to be in the game when I first went in the booth and recorded my first song , it made me realize how much fun It was and how I can really express my self through the music. The steps I take to perfect my creative craft is basically nothing , I’ll just roll a blunt and go straight into my melodies , and what I feel i Harmonize.

Boston Culture: What made you want to create your first song? Was there someone you looked up to or aspired to be? Jay Blzy: When I was younger I was very reckless but I found a way to get though. I wanted to create my own song because of all these inspiring rappers like Lil Durk (my favorite rapper) , Calboy.  I was 17 when I made my first Song “big shots”. The people I really look up to was my uncle Duce banga and Lil Durk.

Boston Culture: What was the best advice you got early in your career? Jay Drippa:  To be yourself, don’t try to act like something your not or to show love to whoever show you love , because in this game there’s a lot people who show fake love just to throw you off  Boston Culture: What do you dislike about the industry? D Bangz: The love they show they don't show a lot to artist out here that have potential Jay Drippa: I feel like the industry really isn’t about who’s talented or if you can really make music , I feel like it’s based on clout and your social media page  Jay Blzy: all the fake love there is and it’s very noticeable  Boston Culture: Who are your biggest influences? D Bangz: Jay Z i just wanna be a billionaire and own big corporations Jay Drippa: DUCE BANGA , I grew up watching him when he was up and coming  Jay Blzy: My biggest influence is Duce because he was the best all around artist I ever seen but never really get to learn anything due to his past RIP Duce

Boston Culture: What do you think of the music scene in the city? Are there any Boston producers or artists you'd potentially like to work with? D Bangz:  Yes there are a lot of artist out here that i am willing to work with there is a lot of talent in my city and people don't realize it Jay Drippa: The Boston music scene is definitely on the rise , there is so much talent out here. There’s no specific artist or producer I would like to work with but yeah I love working with new people and make new vibes. Jay Blzy:  In the past few years I feel like Boston been going up in the rap game. But I don’t really focus on who i want to work wit. if they feeling my flows and rhythm I will work with them but if u ant have my energy I ant feeling it  Boston Culture: Tell us about your goals for the rest of the year and 2021.   D Bangz: I'm planning to get more than 3 songs out by December so when. 2021 comes i will be able to drop an EP Jay Drippa: I’m focused on building my fan base , making sure everybody listen to my music  and keep dropping more heat Jay Blzy: I want to be focus on making money and focusing on my EP coming to y’all in 2021 it’s active  Boston Culture: What inspires you to stay focused, hungry and humble on your goals.  Jay Drippa: The first thing the inspires me is the love that I get when I drop, like when people tell you how good your music is, it motivates and helps you gain confidence to keep going. ALSO my family , they push me everyday to make sure I’m humble and hungry, I want make it for them. Finally my uncle, knowing that this was his dream and I have a chance of making it happen, makes not wanna stop. Boston Culture: How do you seek out opportunities? D Bangz: Just by focusing on yourself and the ones around u and just putting ur dedication into it even if u feel like its not going no where Boston Culture:  When was the last time you were in the studio? Jay Blzy: The last time I was in the studio it was about a week ago and I was working on A couple solos and two features Boston Culture: Who's your favorite producer and artist? Mainstream and local. Jay Drippa: I don’t really have a favorite producer mainstream but locally my favorite is sirlukebeats, shout out my boy we got plenty of bangers coming. My favorite artist mainstream is Lil baby, locally jay Blzy and Dbangz is my favorite no cap Boston Culture: What brands should sponsor your? D Bangz:  Everything man we wanna be sponsored by everything Jay Blzy: The brand that should sponsor me is Ralph Lauren because Blzy ain't Blzy without the Polo  Jay Drippa: Nike or Jordan , I got so many kicks by them Boston Culture: Anything else we missed you want to tell your fans? D Bangz: New and better music on the way and we just gon' keep giving y'all the heat cause y'all show us y'all want it we working for y'all! Jay Blzy: I just want to say Rip Duce Rip Tony Free spank g free da guys and #Jayblzyep on da way 2021 and I want to thank all the people who been listening to my music and been supporting on this path to my dream. Jay Drippa: It's time to wake up , I been slept on for a min, we got more heat OTW , more visuals , working on a tape. Thank you to the ones who been tuned in and the ones who are just tuning in, We LoVe Y’all.

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