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Exclusive Q&A with New Bedford's Beno

Beno put in a lot of work in 2020, no doubt about that. He's set himself up as an established sound in the South Shore. We were able to catch up with Beno and ask a few questions regarding his mentality, goals and much more.

Boston Culture: What city are you from?

Beno: New Bedford

Boston Culture: Where did you grow up?

Beno: I was born & raised in Brockton but spent most of my childhood moving around to different cities such as Brockton & Worcester.

Boston Culture: What was your childhood like?

Beno: My early childhood had began out being good but as I got older, the choices I made started to interfere with my life and created situations that I had to adapt to.

Boston Culture: When did you first explore your talent as an artist?

Beno: I had always been drawn to music, but it wasn’t until 2012 that I started to explore my talents. I began to record myself and discover that I wanted to pursue music as an artist.

Boston Culture: Talk to us about Hood Scriptures Vol. 1.

Beno: My last project was Hood Scriptures Volume 1. When I went into recording this project I wanted people to see my growth from my first project & how I began to find my sound. Also, I wanted to give people some insight on my life to how this shaped me as an individual & an artist.

Boston Culture: We want to catch up your fan base a little bit on your life during quarantine in 2020:

Beno: 2020 has definitely been one of the craziest years for everyone. This time during quarantine allowed me to reflect on myself & how important the people around me are. I been able to really focus on my craft & everyone is definitely about to hear what I been going through with this new project I’m working on.

Favorite Studio: CTNT Studio out in New Bedford

Favorite Smoke: Not a big smoker as much as I used to be, but when I did mg go-to was definitely Platinum Kush. Favorite Album: One of my favorite albums has to be Get Rich or Die Tryin. But currently one of my favorite projects is definitely Poetic Pain from Toosii. Favorite Artist: Dave Wast, 2pac , Jadakiss, Drake, Nas, Toosii and a lot more,, Fashion Brand: My favorite brand is definitely Tommy Hilfiger but some other brands I wear regularly are Dior, Off White & Nike. New hobbies: Riding dirt bikes is definitely a new hobby I picked up during the quarantine. Favorite part of quarantine: Being able to just lock in and become better at my craft

Kobe or LeBron: Kobe has always been one of the greatest time, but Lebron has been my favorite since he came in the league. Rest In Peace to Kobe, his loss has definitely been tough.

Boston Culture: Talk to us about your vision.

Beno: By this time next year I would like to see my fan base expanded and just being able to create with those I’ve always looked up to musically. I’ve always had a vision to be able to elevate the people around me once I get to a position to do so.

Boston Culture: Who's on your dream project?

Beno: My dream project definitely gotta have Drake, Nas, Dave East, 50 Cent & Roddy Rich.

Boston Culture: What's the longest you've been in the studio for one session?

Beno: The longest studio session I’ve been in one was 10 hours while recording my last project. During that session was when I had recorded a song that gave everybody in the studio chills. I’m looking forward to dropping that song soon.

Boston Culture: What made you want to create your first song and how old were you?

Beno: I recorded my first song when I was 15 in my closet. At the time I didn’t know much about mixing & mastering but ended up releasing it on SoundCloud. Starting as an artist around the time when Drake was on the rise so I was always inspired by his success & what he’s accomplished.

Boston Culture:Tell me about your process in creating music?

Beno: My process is based on what I’m feeling. I’ll go through beats & vibe out by trying to create a hook, then filling in the verses with a freestyle.

Boston CultureWhat has been the best moment you've experienced as an artist?

Beno: My most amazing moment as an artist has been one of my performances I had done last year & just being able to see the love the audience showed. That’s what really inspires me & keeps me motivated to create more.

Boston Culture: Best advice you ever got?

Beno: The best advice I’ve gotten early in your career is that everyone that will hate on you early on will eventually follow the trend of appreciating you & to not let anything stop you from creating the music you want to make.

Boston Culture: What do you dislike about the art world/music industry?

Beno: There’s a lot of people that only give notice once you have attention on you, but when you are an upcoming artist people tend to turn away & don’t want to show love.

Boston Culture: Who are your biggest influences?

Beno: My team and family that push me constantly to make sure I’m always working & staying humble.

Boston Culture: What inspires you to wake up everyday and stay focused? Beno: Everyday I wake up knowing I gotta be a role model for the youth and inspiring them that they can achieve anything no matter their situation. I learned & overcame a lot of things in 2020 and I’m here to show that you can turn those losses into success.

Boston Culture: What do you want to let your fans know that you haven't mentioned?

Beno: I’m dropping my next project real soon. There’s gonna be a lot of new videos & music on the way. This year I’ve got a lot to show the fans & I’m looking forward to showing them what I’ve had in the fault.

Boston Culture: What brands should sponsor you?

Beno: A Nike sponsor would be a dream for sure, in the near future definitely looking to get some brand deals

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