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7981Kal - "RICO" visuals out now.

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Dorchester-bred 7981Kal is one of Boston's elite rappers. In his latest visuals, his pain is easily seen in his eyes, due to being held up with the Feds over a RICO case.

When it comes to Elite Boston Rappers, only a handful of artists really come to mind. 7981 Kal is certainly on that list. Back in the day, when Kal was younger, he used to post music videos but wasn't really serious about it. Soon after, Kal released his first album with 9 songs. He collaborated with G Fredo, Illy Dee and Hamma Thang. This album became such a hit that it instantly made Kal get a huge buzz in Boston. One of Kal’s first music videos Dead Opps Pt.2 was released in 2018.

After the popularity of first video, recently, on 1st May, 2020, he has released Dead Opps Pt. 3 music video.

Both videos feature G Fredo along with Kal. These songs were mostly Drill style and the lyrics focused on the realities of life. Dead Opps showed the street side of Dorchester and included local slang words. Another massive Kal’s debut was “Devil in Disguise” which painted a self-portrait. The debut is focused on Kal’s stories of life, his friends, family, and his environment. Compared to most of Kal songs’ drill style, Devil in Disguise was more of storytelling about Kal’s life.

Other top songs by Kal included "Trapline", “Voices” and “Not Guilty”. In “Not Guilty”, he shares his experience how he went to jail and it changed the way he viewed life. There are people in there who are never coming out and you learn most about life from those people. In an interview, Kal told that the reason for his rapid success and high energy is how he was raised. He is proud of his mother and father who raised him to become a great man and a dreamer. He further told, he loves to talk about real stuff so those who have gone through the phase can relate with him, and they can feel the struggles of the rising talent.

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