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From Switzerland to Boston: T.i.G

There are many things to dive into when it comes to T.i.G. Being from Armenia, T.i.G. has allowed himself to explore different parts of the world to incorporate into their talent. And because of that, he offers many things to the table and combine both the art of music and dance. Since they were a youngin', they have always had a passion for the arts. Now that he is older, T.i.G is putting their talent to use and expressing themselves.

Boston Culture: When did you start dancing? Was there any influence when you were growing up that made you start?

I’m Born In Armenia, Yerevan, I have start dancing From 5 years old , I started out with Latin Dance. From 9 years old I started dancing ballet In Armenian ballet School.

At 16 I moved to Switzerland Zurich. Where I studied then worked for Zurich Ballet and worked for 10 years.

Boston Culture: What was the process like with getting involved with the Boston Ballet?

So after working many years with Zurich Ballet and being a soloist dancer with them, I felt like I wanted to achieve more in my professional skills and wanted a bigger company, and different repertoire to dance. So I was looking for a change.

And as I knew through friends and social media that Boston Ballet has one of the greatest repertoire and is very diverse, I decided to come and audition for the company. After visiting the company, I was offered a contract for 1st soloist and accepted it. One year after working with Boston Ballet I was promoted to principal dancer.

Boston Culture: Do you have to travel often for shows, for example when there’s a tour? What has been your favorite place to perform?

Yes I have toured many places and one of my favorite places to dance was Bangkok, Thailand.

Boston Culture: What is your favorite show that you have ever done?

One of the favorite shows that I have performed was Nutcracker the Prince, which is now played in the Opera house in Boston.

Boston Culture: Has there ever been a dance routine that you completely disliked? If so, how did you pull through it?

There many hardships we go through besides disliked routines. But through hard work dedication and discipline I always pull through.

Boston Culture: You also create music, and have a new music video coming out 12/10! When did you start making music as well?

Since I left home at age if 16 to Switzerland, I used to miss my mother and would write her poems, and that’s how I really got into writing.

But before that, from very young age I always loved hip hop music. I started out listening to hip-hip, specifically by 2Pac. To this day he is a big inspiration to me.

So throughout the years I always wrote lyrics. Rap here and there but I truly started getting into it 2 years ago I believe I have story to tell and message to share.

Boston Culture: What are your musical influences?

My musical influences 2pac, Nipsey Hussle, and Fivio Foreign.

Boston Culture: How do you balance creating music and following your dance career?

I feel like it’s a great contrast between dancing ballet and rapping and making music .

In dancing I get to express through movements and here with words. But the base of both is music!

Boston Culture: Would you ever want to take your music career forward and create an album?

Yes I am coming out with an album soon.

Boston Culture: Is there anything else you would like to tell us? Anything coming up in the works?

It’s Called (Abstract X PeRIaNCE)

Already working on my second album which is almost done.

I have dropped multiple singles within the last 3 weeks and plan to drop a single every Friday.

Check out T.i.G.'s Social Media:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tigranmkrtchyan22/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2tpVzNIsnY

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