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Inspired by Many: RipAceMandazi

Being able to show influence in one's music is a skill that Dazi uses wisely, whether it's with his samples or rythm, Dazi knows how to captivate an audience in just a few different ways. Read below to discover more about this young and promising artist.

Boston Culture: What inspired you to use the sample for Castaways?

When I heard the Castaways beat, I had actually just gotten into an argument with my mom and I was feeling unappreciated, something like a castaway. So when I heard the beat it was like it was supposed to happen, so I wrote a majority of that song the same day.

Boston Culture: Castaways is a super fun song, did it feel that way during the creation of it?

It didn’t feel fun, but I did want people to feel the emotions I felt when I was writing the song.

Boston Culture: Do you have any plans for a potential project? If so, what will it look like?

My first ever project is actually going to drop on the 14th of this month, and I’m sure it’s gonna be done in time cause I booked a 10 hour session just a few days before the drop.

Boston Culture: Who are some of your musical inspirations?

This generation Chief Keef the goat, for earlier 2000s rap I never really listened to it that much but after his death I found MF Doom to really be an inspiration for the way I write some of my lyrics. Old school shit be on my playlist too, my biggest influences are Eazy E, Nas, Masta Ace just to name a few. But I there's always room to find new artists to listen to.

Boston Culture: If you could collaborate with any artist/producer, who would it be?

I been working with my boy YvngCheb since our second year of high school and I don’t think I could work with anyone else and have that same dynamic that me and him have when we’re in the booth together. But, of course I do have goals of working with some of my favorite artists, if I could get in the studio with Chief Keef one day I would be like Fetty when he met Gucci except I’d keep rapping.

Boston Culture: There’s a snippet on your most recent Instagram post. Will the public ever get to hear it?

That snippet will most definitely be on the upcoming tape.

Boston Culture: The way you use samples seems to be very consistent. How do you go about choosing your samples?

Idk, to be honest everyone has their own frequency that they fuck with, I just go through different beats till I find one that matches mine. When that happens, it's like the bars write themselves. Sometimes I could write the whole song in 30 minutes, sometimes it will take a week. Depends if I got shit to attend to at the time y’know.

Boston Cultures: What goals do you have in 2022? Musically and personally?

Musically and personally are one for me, my goal in life is to let my passion lead me towards success, and hopefully that success is at a high enough level to where I never have to see anyone around me struggle ever again. That’s when I know I’ve won.

Boston Culture: Anything else you would like to let us know? Please tell us!

To whoever’s reading, thanks for taking the time to see what I’m about. All y’all inspire me and I’m thankful. And big thanks to Boston Culture for allowing me to be put on their platform.

Check out Dazi's Socials:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ripacemandazi_/

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/mandazi-675693851/sets/wendy-wu

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxNLNerjoZAc1Safe0SvLxfcD9f5kmhoE

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