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Into the Mind of Boston's Rising Star: Luke Yetten

Here we have hip-hop artist, Luke Yetten, who joined us for an EXCLUSIVE Q&A here at Boston Culture. After meeting and joining forces with JAM'N 94.5's DJ El Sid, his success skyrocketed, and we just had to hear more about what Luke has in store for the future. Read below to see what else he has to offer.

Boston Culture: Who are your musical influences?

Luke: I have influences that span across all genres of music, Sean Price R.I……P! Immortal Technique, The Beatles, Sam Cooke, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Hector Acosta (El Torito) and some heavy shit too. I used to play in hardcore bands and go to shows, mosh, stage dive and all that crazy shit. Blood for Blood, Death Before Dishonor that’s some Boston hardcore, also metal bands like Pantera, Slayer, In Flames, to name a few.

Boston Culture: Having a DJ from JAM’N 94.5 be your manager is an amazing accomplishment. How did you get his attention?

Luke: We became friends at the gym and didn’t even have plans to make music together. When COVID hit, and the clubs shut down, we both weren’t working and so we decided to build a music studio. We both love creating music, and we never looked back.

Boston Culture: How did the chemistry between you and DJ Elsid come to be? Was it difficult in the beginning forming that connection?

Luke: While I was building the studio, Sid said he wanted to start recording artists and producing beats. So I said “you know I rap?” He’s like “yeah okay” like everybody does, but then he heard me spit and it was history. We work really well together and have great chemistry on stage and in the studio, so I would say it wasn’t difficult to form a connection it was very easy and natural.

Boston Culture: Which artists would you like to collaborate with in your career?

Luke: I’m open to anything. We’re trying to keep putting more Massachusetts artists on the map, I’m not sure my foot is even in the door yet, but I’d love to work with Joyner Lucas or Millyz. Benny the Butcher is one of my favorites right now. I think J. Cole is the goat but I’d love to write something around Adele’s voice, and I love me some Coilerey! I’m open to anything. I grew up on Wu Tang and Nas which I’m sure is a cliché answer. I’ve only dropped hip hop tracks but I sing and play guitar. Sid and I make beats together from hard ass trap to Dembow and Reggaeton. I’m open to work with anyone that wants to vibe and make great music.

Boston Culture: The sport of boxing is a very technical and fast paced which requires a lot of training and work. Seeing that you’re a former boxer, how did you balance the life of a fighter and a rapper?

Luke: The thing is I never really put the time into music until recently. It was always a passion of mine, and I always wrote songs of multiple genres, but no one ever put any faith in me until I started spending a lot of time with Sid. I have him to thank for where we are right now and I just make sure I work to be better every day so I can meet him half way. My pen doesn’t stop. When I was competing in boxing, rapping wasn’t even a thought in my mind it was just something I did and enjoyed on my own. I don’t really live with too much balance. I’ve kind of always been “all or nothing”.

Boston Culture: What’s your greatest accomplishment in your music career? We’re eager to know

Luke: Definitely the release of my 5 song EP titled “Book of Luke.” It’s really all true shit from my life and I put myself out there emotionally for anyone who cares to listen.

Now Available on Apple Music and Spotify, The Book of Luke.

Boston Culture: Since you’ve been rising in your career, is there anything dropping that we should be on the lookout for?

Luke: Gonna be dropping at least one single a week for the foreseeable future. Sid, my other brother Dallas Rose, and I have been recording at least one a week for the last year and haven’t stopped so there will always be new music available. I have one produced by Jensen, and engineered by Dj El Sid, called ‘Skywalker’ about to drop. I also have a collab produced by Dallas Rose with Lawjq from the Bronx and PR JAV from Boston by the name of “Child’s Play” and that shit is hard af. Also started working on an album that I haven’t named yet.

Luke Yetten has only been showing us his incredible musical talent, leaving listeners wanting to hear so much more. We got the opportunity to hear what else is coming and hope readers were able to check out what Luke has to offer to the Boston music scene.

Check out Luke's socials and his music:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/luke_yetten/

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/luke-yetten/1541562509

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6Q1RslwxIIeFBIbGkADi26?si=9vEPmNK7SkyZA0BqqsTg_A

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