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KreatureLagoth releases a movie for "9GOTH9DRIP9" - Exclusive Q&A

Kreaturelagoth chopped it up with us about his mentality and plans for the future. He goes into great detail about his creativity. In this exclusive interview we talked about the inspiration for 9GOTH9DRIP9, his influences and much more. Make sure to follow him on Spotify!

Boston Culture: Where did you grow up? How was that like? KreatureLaGoth: I'm from the South Bronx, I actually literally live on the same block Fat Joe grew up on. Trinity Ave, this shit is crazy, it's the hood, The projects, I had to fight to get my respect as a Kid. Especially being a Goth kid living in the Bronx, cause no one was finna tell me I can't walk around my hood with black lipstick or eyeliner if I wanted to. But I love it and The people are protective, I love getting my Food from my deli (Best Hood Deli) and Seeing people from around the neighborhood. its a beautiful place but it's the hood Boston Culture: How did you get your name? KreatureLaGoth: Soooo I used to skate like maddd Hard, and I used to love Creature Skateboards.it was All I skated, because of the aesthetic of the boards they were always evil looking. Aside from that, the pop on the boards were ridiculous. That was one aspect another one is one of my boys had one day said I remind him of a Kreature, because I'm so Gritty and rugged, and don't care .....The La-Goth came from.....La or (the) in Spanish, since I'm Puerto Rican, and Goth because I'm a Goth kid. So KreatureLaGoth

Boston Culture: Talk to us about "9GOTH9DRIP9" - from its inception stages to the creative process. What was the initial inspiration? KreatureLaGoth: Well Honestly for 9Goth9Drip9, I wanted to create something that sounded Like a lot of trap/drill music that's coming and heating up in Brooklyn, But I also wanted to keep my style, hence why I added the screams. But I Rapped in Scream Vocals. The things I rap about in that song everything true. Even the first few lines "All of my bitxhes is Brujas, I'll slice ya face, hex in this place, you not in my lane, Magick in my veins" All of this exudes off my energy if you meet me in person. I'm a Real-life Warlock, I'm not like these fugazi ass people who say " I'm on demon time". I practice magick, I am a consciousness medium, I allow things into my body and conjure things up. Its also talking about how I'm a poster boy for subconscious fear

Boston Culture: Talk to us about the new video that you are working on. KreatureLaGoth: So I'm Working on this New Video and It will be Called Bael. Which is an entity(demon) that is very dear to my soul and heart.I have the sigil tatted. The whole idea of the video is the infatuation of Blood because blood is life, blood is knowledge, blood is power. Blood also feeds certain entities. I'm walking girls on leashes drenched in the blood through my projects. Having then make out in the camera. While I pour blood into their mouth as well. It's Something next level with elements of a Trap/drill beat but with scream rapping over it. The video is currently being edited. Boston Culture: What was the best advice you got early in your career? KreatureLaGoth: Be Your Self Unapologetically, Be vigilant, and Understanding There is a Deeper Agenda, to Shift consciousness SONICALLY. Boston Culture: Walk us through the first time you ever made a song. What inspired you, what did you make it on, etc. KreatureLaGoth: The first song I ever made, well when I was a teen I was a Vocalist of a Metalcore/Deathcore band. The first song I made was about me being a heartbroken teenager, that wasn't emo and decided to scream angrily into a mic, about his emotions and the shit he dealt with on a normal basis. So pain inspired my first song, and It was called memories.

Boston Culture: Top 3 favorite artists? No order. KreatureLaGoth: Woahhhh , this is hard! I would have to say LEBANON HANOVER Suicide Silence(when Mitch was Vocalist) PRAYERS Boston Culture: Walk is through your creative process in the studio. KreatureLaGoth: So usually, I'm usually not like one track brained. I'm like controlled static, but I usually record a vocal track, an overdub track, adlib tracks, and then tracks for any pockets I may have missed. Then if I decide to add certain types of screams within different vocal tones I'll do that. Some tracks I'll speak straight Latin, and put spells on my music. Some tracks I scream through the whole thing, some tracks I don't. It's the vibration the beat is giving me, but I like all my beats, Dark, gritty, raw, and in your face. Boston Culture: What do you dislike about the art world/music industry? KreatureLaGoth: It's the Fuckinnnnnn MATRIX, it's a chess game, people in general with a lot of slimy energy, But I learned how to minivure , and 48 laws of Kreature this shit, That's one Main Thing I dislike about the Music Industry.

One thing about the Art world I dislike is How it almost isn't valued in Society on the scale it should be, for a while, this world has being trying to just make workers, I feel like now we are going through a revolution where art is causing an evolution and Taking the Main wheel in Driving A lot of Society. , Art is being represented on such a high scale, Because truthfully Art is the Reason why this World even exists, without Art we wouldn't even have thought about creating buildings... Boston Culture: Who or what are some of your biggest influences? Talk to us about your roots. KreatureLaGoth: A HUGE AND MAIN influence was Mitch Lucker, he was one of my idols, from his guttural vocals to how he captivated the audience with new moves on stage. He is what influences me to teach myself to scream at 13 years old. Another is the Whole black metal/Norwegian black metal culture. From the Beauty within Darkness that I normally felt. To the Morbid way of living, the body mutilation on stage, and mysterious killings and murders that would happen around and surround the bands added to the influence of The Mysterious Dark Filled Enigma you See in front of you. I exist within everyone, Certain People are just scared to embrace it or face it. And lastly, I know how this is going to Sound but Jeff Hardy, was a Hugeeee influence, he always looked grand wrestling, and moved through the air like a swan but had his own unique kinda alternative style in wrestling. From how he thinks, to Him being in a band and creating my music, to the art he created he was an overall influence. But I'm also a Puerto Rican kid growing up in the south Bronx and I was also influenced by my surroundings and growing up dealing with the streets was A huge influence in a lot of stuff I went through. All of this was an early Influence in Creating the Roots of this Entity you See here Today

Boston Culture: Talks to us about your younger mentality and what allowed you to stay focused on your goals. KreatureLaGoth: literally pure willpower, determination, and self-awareness. but also learning to release from Ego at a young age.Due to me learning more about myself & meditation/shadow working, but during a time where that wasn't a thing ya know. As a Teen I was in a band, I've always done music, and I know I'm meant to do music, music is me. I also just knew I had to always be myself within this though. I just always wanted to do more within life and I seen that at a young age, the capability I have to move masses, that feds my soul ya know. but never allowing ya self to overshadow the idea of what the agenda is in a way. If that makes sense. Boston Culture: What inspired you to get into the TrapMetal movement? KreatureLaGoth: I've been a hardcore kid since I was a kid, I come from being a Vocalist in a Deathcore band. I come from Crowd bashing at Oceano and Oceano show at Gramercy theater. Or spin kicking & then getting kicked to The last Ten seconds of life at The Morgan in Brooklyn. It's in my bones, it wasn't inspiration, it was Already me.

Boston Culture: Tell us about your goals for 2021. Where will you be by the end of the year? Let's start manifesting that now. KreatureLaGoth: My Goals for 2021 is To get on NoJumper, Produce big collabs with some of my favorite big artists. Create a Tour plan one around America, and another out of the country for 2022. Get my Numbers to 100's of thousands.Create& put out a Shit ton of New Content (Videos, vlogs, merch, interviews, articles )Get sponsors /Investors Talk to Labels Dropping another project by November, And continuing to stomp my foot on being one of the Biggest TrapMetal Artist Out Of New York.

Boston Culture: Did the pandemic affect any of your plans? KreatureLaGoth: Yes I'm supposed to be touring and playing shows overseas, and across America right now, The NWO is such a Bitxh. I'm Going through show withdrawals. But as far as Me working creatively, creating content It hasn't stopped anything, still been pushing out music, videos, and doing my thing. just with venues closing and having limit caps and all the requirements. shows are hard to do and I know bout live shit but as a Performance Artist, there is nothing like feeling that crowd, feeding off of it, flipping into the crowd, moshing with your fans, I miss it so much.

For booking contact his MGMT, Joshua October CEO of Vamp Entertainment.

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