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Lawrence Bred Shu1Bill releases a movie for "Motions". Exclusive Q&A

It was a pleasure to sit down and talk with Shu1BiLL. 978-bred talent has really shaken up the music industry. During our Interview, we talked about the best advice that he had gotten early in his career, applying pressure, hungry mentality and much more. Make sure to take a minute and subscribe to his channel on YouTube. Also make sure to tap into his Apple Music and Spotify.

Boston Culture: Where did you grow up?

Shu 1BiLL: I grew up in Lawrence MA

Boston Culture: How did you get your name?

Shu 1BiLL: Shu is the hood of the air and I control the flow Boston Culture: Talk to us about "MOTIONS" Shu 1BiLL: Motions is everyday living for us

Boston Culture: What was the best advice you got early in your career? Shu 1BiLL: Apply pressure and stay determined, as long as that happens I can be the greatest Boston Culture: Walk us through the first time you ever made a song. Shu 1BiLL: I was 13 smoking with the 1s in a cipher niggas was rapping and I was the melody Boston Culture: Top 3 favorite producers/rappers? No order. Shu 1BiLL: BIG, 50 cents and Kodak black Boston Culture: Walk is through your creative process in the studio. Shu 1BiLL: Freestyle everything off the top it’s real rap so it’s easier tbh when u lived it Boston Culture: What do you dislike about the art world/music industry? Shu 1BiLL: The promotional side lack assistance there

Boston Culture: Who or what are some of your biggest influences? Talk to us about your cultural roots. Shu 1BiLL: To be real I ain’t really ever had one I just wanted to be the flyest kid and have it all cause we grew up having little to none Boston Culture: Talks to us about your younger mentality and what allowed you to stay focused on your goals. Shu 1BiLL: My younger mentality would’ve had me in 2 places we both know

Boston Culture: What do you think of the music scene in the State? Shu 1BiLL: I ain’t even gone lie niggas know me but would hate to see me overdo them on god Boston Culture: Tell us about your goals for 2021. Where will you be by the end of the year? Let's start manifesting that now. Shu 1BiLL: 2021 is the year of the 1s Nuff said Boston Culture: Did the pandemic affect any of your plans? Shu 1BiLL: Not really we still here 10 toes

Boston Culture: What brands should sponsor you? Shu 1BiLL: Nike cause I stay with the techs Boston Culture: Anything else we missed you want to tell your fans? Shu 1BiLL: Last thing I’m gone tell ya is DON'T GO BROKE TRYNNA KEEP UP FOREVER US NEVA THEM FREE MY GUYZAA TILL THEY IN THE FIELD TILL THEN WE GONE DO WHAT WE DO

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