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Lawrence Bred Wax Huncho of Paving The Way Records - Exclusive Q&A

Wax Huncho got several hits on his latest EP, "EVOL" and it's a fact that he's been applying a lot of pressure. We were able to recently catch up with him and learn more about his mentality, influences, goals and much more. Make sure to tap in and subscribe to his Youtube, Spotify and follow him on Instagram.

Boston Culture: Where did you grow up? How was that like?

Wax Huncho: I grew up in Lawrence, Ma and you know its regular just like every other hood. There’s ups and downs just gotta charge it to the game, can’t bend, can’t fold!

Boston Culture: How did you get your name?

Wax Huncho: I actually got the name Wax from the movie “Menace II Society” the character “A-Wax” my mothers boyfriend at the time who raised me gave me the name. The first letter to my government name is A but we took the A out and kept it WAX. Huncho came about cause I called myself Head Huncho in one of my first songs and every time I saw the guys they would call me Huncho so I just put it together.

Boston Culture: Talk to us about "EVOL" - from its inception to the creative process.

Wax Huncho: Really its just from us being in the studio hanging out smoking, cooling with the gang and going through life day by day.

Boston Culture: Talk to us about your creative process in coming up with visual ideas.

Wax Huncho: It really all depends on the type of song. Most my visuals were freestyle but this year I’m focusing on making my visuals represent the song so you can understand/feel it more.

Boston Culture: What was the best advice you got early in your career?

Wax Huncho: “You gotta want it as bad as you want anything else in life” and that “Your doing it for the hood but don’t forget the goal is to get out the hood”

Boston Culture: Walk us through the first time you ever made a song.

Wax Huncho: I was in the studio with Peter Hayez

high as fuck, kicking it and he came out the booth and told me to get on the song. I actually still got the song private on my SoundCloud. It was called “Focused on the Guap” and it was a song bout the struggle tryna get out.

Boston Culture: Top 3 favorite artists? No order.

Wax Huncho: Lil baby, Lil Durk, Icewear Vezzo

Boston Culture : Walk us through your creative process in the studio.

Wax Huncho: I gotta have some ZaZa fasho lol, then you know the beat gotta slap but I got DeeBanks and Mamba, the bros know what I like so it makes things easier. But depending on the vibe of the beat I’ll either start off by humming/freestyling till i find a melody/flow then the words come out themselves. Sometimes it’s just one of those beats and I’m just going straight in off rip!

Boston Culture : What's a Latin artist you'd like to collab with?

Wax Huncho: Harraka Kiko hes a Dominican artist. I might fuck around n make a dembow for the one time lol.

Boston Culture: What do you dislike about the art world/music industry?

Wax Huncho: Man so much fake love and envy, its crazy! But with more love comes more hate, it ain’t nothing to me!

Boston Culture: Who or what are some of your biggest influences?

Wax Huncho : My nieces and nephew fasho and the Bros. They always there when I need em. Especially Touch, bro always believed in me and motivated me to the fullest since day 1 and I can’t forget about big bro Tola to! I come from a Puerto Rican house hold, single mother of 3. I was the youngest and I ain’t have it perfect but of course momma did what she could and always made sure we had a roof over our head and clothes on our back and that to me as a kid was enough for me.

Boston Culture: Talks to us about your younger mentality.

Wax Huncho: I had hoop dreams, what baller didn’t! But shit that ain’t last long once I got to High school lol. Started skipping, smoking weed n shit you know but as I got older I had to focus take care of momma. My sister had my niece and nephew so you know how that goes tryna be a good influence for them.

Boston Culture : Tell us about your goals for 2021.

Wax Huncho: My goal is just to make a lot of music and drop visuals at least like 3 projects, 15 visuals, and a couple of collabs just stay super active! By the end of the year all I know is I’ll be in a foreign somewhere OT with the gang on our way to do a show!

Boston Culture: Did the pandemic affect any of your plans?

Wax Huncho: HELL NAA, if anything it probably made me focus more.

Boston Culture: How did you catch the attention of Paving They Way Records?

Wax Huncho: We started this from the ground up. At first we were just a bunch of kings that enjoyed making music but over time we grew into a family. Now it’s an empire in the making

Boston Culture : What brands should sponsor you?

Wax Huncho: Jokes Up...with all the ZaZa I be smoking, LB holla at me mannn lol

Boston Culture :Anything else we missed you want to tell your fans?

Wax Huncho: To my supporters/fans Buckle up, we taking a ride! Its UP and its Stuck ! BIG PTW

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