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Mass Bred Wavy Ry got a movie on the way! Exclusive Q & A

Wavy Ry has been applying a lot of pressure. From having several hits on his latest album "Same Page Different Book", to dropping a new movie soon, it's safe to say that Wavy Ry has been active. During our recent interview Q&A, we were able to chop it up with Wavy Ry where he talked about his mentality and influences. One of his major goals is to give his mother everything she deserves. Putting his creativity and music aside, family is one of the most important part of his life. Make sure to subscribe to his Youtube and follow him on Spotify!

Boston Culture: Where did you grow up? How was that like?

Wavy Ry: Born and raised in Massachusetts moving from city to city, town to town in Worcester County. I grew up on section 8 with my mother, my brother, and my sister. My dad has been out of the picture my whole life so my ma played both roles. Being a single parent, that gave me a lot of motivation to help our family and give my mother everything she deserves.

Boston Culture: How did you get your name?

Wavy Ry: Growing up everyone always called me “Ry” and when I first started making music I didn't really plan to even release what I had recorded. Every now and then I would play my songs when I was coolin with my people and realized the songs had more potential than I knew at the time. I was young, I wanted to release the songs on SoundCloud to get started and I just put my name as “Young Ry”... After a month or 2 I would have people asking me what my songs was on and what my Artist name was, and when they looked me up, there was like 100+ Young Ry’s so I said fuck that and made my name “Wavy Ry” cause it was original and sounded Smoove to me, ever since then I just stuck with that and made a name for myself.

Boston Culture: Talk to us about "Same Page Different Book" - from its inception stages to the creative process. What was the initial inspiration?

Wavy Ry: I worked on this project for over a year and a half. I was inspired by my own thoughts and feelings at the time when every song was made. Whether it was a sad vibe or a happy vibe I wanted to make something for everyone but at the same time make sure they heard me on both sides of my music. I expanded my craft by working with different producers and engineers everywhere I went. Working with Engineers on the East Coast and West Coast, Catching vibes all over the world to create something special.

Boston Culture: Talk to us about "Same Page Official Video" - from its inception stages to the creative visual recording process. How did you and Director Trill is Bliss come up with the concept?

Wavy Ry: Same Page is a heartfelt song based on broken love, trust, and relations, and I wanted to create a visual that shows a couple going through it and with the girl struggling to find the “Page” and the book closing shows that the couple was having a rough time and everything went wrong to sum it up..

Boston Culture: What was the best advice you got early in your career?

Wavy Ry: Work smarter not harder

Boston Culture: Walk us through the first time you ever made a song at 15.

Wavy Ry: Me and my homie was chilling listening to this song that hada crazy beat and nbs I said: “Yo I deadass might make a song to this shit” and my boy said fuck it and that night I went home to write to the beat and showed my guys the next day, I met my boy “TooRich” that was already in the music scene and he brought me to an actual studio for my first record after I showed him what I had been working on. I had no intentions to ever release this song tho, Matter fact I never even did release this specific song... I wanted to make sure my first shit was smoove smoove but over the years I ended up taking all my old shit off SoundCloud anyway

Boston Culture: Top 3 favorite producers/rappers? How did you link up with Chief Keefs cousin?

Wavy Ry: Been rocking wit Kyle Junior’s beats, worked with him on a couple Songs on SPDB. AntChamberlain been going crazy wit his beats I got hella unreleased songs wit em as well as PlutoBrazy. Matti Baybee (Chief Keefs) Cousin is an artist I grew up listening too back when ian even make music, I use to hit dude up cause I hipped mad people in my area to his music and bro was appreciative of that. After a few years I hit Matti to work and Collab On Instagram and from there we just caught a vibe and made sum dope

Boston Culture: Walk us through your creative process in the studio.

Wavy Ry: I always catch a vibe onna beat first then start creating melodies and a catchy chorus. Depending if I'm in the studio when I hear the beat is how I decide if Imma freestyle or not. I always write notes in my phone, But I always end up freestyling and changing the melody up when I'm in the booth regardless, So It's definitely a little bit of both. Just depends how much I'm feeling the beat. Sometimes it can take days for me to actually write an entire song cause I am writing then deleting to start over and shit.. I prefer to be in the studio environment when I'm writing cause I just be so focused

Boston Culture: What do you dislike about the art world/music industry?

Wavy Ry: Non-organic numbers are now starting to define “Artists” and boosting egos from fake views... To the point where it's almost a standard industry practice now.

Creating an unfair entry barrier for legitimate artists to reach a bigger audience.

Boston Culture: Who or what are some of your biggest influences?

Wavy Ry: Influenced by the beauty of turning nothing to something.

Boston Culture: Talks to us about your younger mentality.

Wavy Ry: My family was never a wealthy family, I knew that the average person would work a 9-5, Pay the bills, make sure their family was straight and that's that. I never wanted to live an average life by working for someone else, helping them grow their business when I could just create my own. Nobody graduated in my family, nobody went to college, and aside from that I'm the youngest in my household and I wanted to just make everyone proud for real. Whatever I was into I was always so dedicated to that specific thing. I knew that whatever I was Into If I continued to keep working and staying on top of everything I would be successful. I devoted my time to music and have set many long term goals for myself. Graduating high school was the first step to making everybody and myself proud. By all means, I was never a school kid, I just had to do what I had to do to make my family happy despite how bad I wanted to drop out and etc. It wasn't until my senior year that I knew what I wanted to do after high school. Being a music artist is often an unrealistic dream for some people to imagine, considering how messed up the music industry is and how many people wanna do the same thing, I knew that even with my talent I still needed a backup plan. Music is something I always wanna be a part of. So I am going to do exactly that.

Boston Culture: Tell us about your goals for 2021.

Wavy Ry: This year is strictly work. Not that every other year wasn't, But I feel I have opened many new doors for myself within the last couple months and this is my time to show my true potential. I never did too many videos in my years of creating music due to the simple fact that I just felt Like I wasn't ready. I wanted everything to be professional and deliver in a professional way. After networking over the years I have built connections to do so. I recently did my first video, But even from that, I have learned what not to do and what to do. The visuals this year are gon be crazy. I plan to drop all my singles with a visual as well as working towards my next project to release later in the year. In 2020 I grew my fan base all over the world and thanks to my fan base yall made me feel like my dreams are now realistic. My drive towards music and my desire to inspire others has certainly changed after seeing my impact on others. By the end of year I plan to have released my second project, Multiple videos put out, hitting my first Million streams across all platforms, and hope that covid does not affect any show cases. I will be a bigger artist than I was last year. We active all year

Boston Culture: Did the pandemic affect any of your plans?

Wavy Ry: Covid definitely got in the way of a lot of my plans, But I still got a lot done. It just put a lot of setbacks on dates and it became a lot harder to get studio time so I wasn't creating as much as I would like to. I had originally planned to release Same Page Different Book in May, But there was a lot of times where this pandemic got in the way of my sessions. Regardless of the world's conditions I still had the most productive year of my entire life.

Boston Culture : What brands should sponsor you?

Wavy Ry: PRPS

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