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Massachusetts Bred HOURAFTER2 and 50n Records Making Noise in New England! - Exclusive Q&A

HOURAFTER2 is a rapper, singer, producer, music engineer, videographer, graphic designer, video editor and creative director, wearing multiple hats when it comes to his music and visuals. In our recent interview, wet talked about his mentality, goals, aspirations and much more! Make sure to check out his latest visual, "Real Type"!

"Not a party girl my bitch yeah she's the real type"

Boston Culture: Where did you grow up? How was that like?

HOURAFTER2: I grew up all over Massachusetts honestly, I was born and raised in Roxbury until I was 11, then we moved to Malden and I stayed there until I went off to college, Once I graduated from college, I moved to Cambridge.

Boston Culture: How did you get your name?

HOURAFTER2: Im a night owl, I get all my ideas at night, from visual concepts, to clothing designs, down to the music, I'm most vulnerable at night and it’s usually around 3 in the morning, especially when I was in college and I started making music. The name HOURAFTER2 signifies that, it's the hour after 2 o’clock.

Boston Culture: Talk to us about “Real Type” - from its inception stages to the creative visual recording process. How did you and Luciano come up with the initial concept?HOURAFTER2: Real Type is a song off my debut album GEMINI from the Tyler section. That specific section of the album is real reflective, real personal in a sense of the romance and/or pain that comes from that in my life. With that being said the song came about when one of the females I was with at the time made a big enough impression on me to literally make a song describing our relationship. Me and my Creative Director Kyia come up with all the concepts of my visuals, I play the song for her and boom we start brainstorming.

Boston Culture: What was the best advice you got early in your career?

HOURAFTER2: Im still early in my career and honestly I don’t really listen to advice except from my 50n team, and they’re as invested in my dreams as I am, so we all just motivate each other to keep showing the world our talents and fuck what anyone outside of 50n has to say. Boston Culture: Walk us through the first time you ever made a song.

HOURAFTER2: I didn’t want to make the song or music at first but long story short a female friend of mine in college told me “Tyler your life's a movie you have to make music” and after considering it I'm like you know what Ima listen and give it a shot. This is also the same girl who convinced me to model so shout out to you Jlynn.

Boston Culture: Top 3 favorite producers/rappers?

HOURAFTER2: 50 Cent, HOURAFTER2, The Weeknd Boston Culture : Walk us through your creative process in the studio.

HOURAFTER2: I freestyle all my music, the I play it back, if I like it, I'll fine tune it and write actual lyrics and format it into a song.

Boston Culture: What do you dislike about the art world/music industry?

HOURAFTER2: Nothing really, I just stay in my lane and focus on my art and music, my team is more connected with the industry and when they tell me shit I be like “Yeah I'm glad I stay outta this mess”

Boston Culture: Who or what are some of your biggest influences?

HOURAFTER2: I consume a lot of music, but I’ll say 50 Cent and The Weeknd, I relate to a lot of their stories to the point where I know they’re not lying in their music so Id say them two.

Boston Culture: Talks to us about your younger mentality and what allowed you to stay focused on your goals. Talk to us about 50n.

HOURAFTER2: When I was younger it was all about football, I dedicated myself from age 11 into turning myself into a professional athlete, from the way I trained to the way I ate and even neglecting school to develop the skills needed to make it, cause at first I sucked. That dedication took me to D1 schools, as a kid from Malden High, that shit doesn’t happen. With that being said after I couldn’t play in college because of transfer rules and I told myself to focus on music and art as a whole, my team was my friends, creatives, street people, business people, the people who I couldn’t bring along with me on my football journey is apart of 50n. 50n is a collective of Rappers, Singers, Painters, Business Savy people, Street dudes, Models, everything, and there all my friends so it’s natural. Boston Culture : What do you think of the music scene in the State?

HOURAFTER2: I dont know about the music scene in Massachusetts, I dont know any artist so I assumed my while life that there wasn’t any. My team knows almost everyone but I dont, so I really cant speak on the scene in Massachusetts, but I do know I will be the face of the state and Boston specifically eventually.

Boston Culture : Tell us about your goals for 2021. Where will you be by the end of the year. Let's start manifesting that now.

HOURAFTER2: I keep those in house tbh.

Boston Culture: Did the pandemic affect any of your plans?

HOURAFTER2: The pandemic affected Football and Modeling for me not really music, I had a few NFL and CFL tryouts planned until they canceled the CFL season and limited the NFL tryouts to those already in the league. For modeling, I had just got signed after graduating college which was right before the pandemic as well, so its slowing alot of shit down but I aint stressed everything will come back to normal and if not so be it.

Boston Culture : What brands should sponsor you? HOURAFTER2: Any brands in Massachusetts, im gonna eventually be in everyones face so much that they’ll reach out. I just advise its soon because eventually I’ll have too much leverage for them. Boston Culture :Anything else we missed you want to tell your fans?


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