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L.I.F.E. LABEL's boston mook$ been working hard on debut album & documentary

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Boston Mook$ talks about being in the studio for 48 hours, debut album, exclusive documentary in the works and much more.

After meeting his manager outside a club, Mook$ took this as an opportunity to build out his team from scratch. Having caught the attention of L.I.F.E. LABEL co., Boston-native is working hard to put his city on his back.

Mook$ on exploring his Creativity early on:

Started at an early age. I’ve always been into the Arts. Drawing, Dancing, Rapping. If it had to do with being creative I’ve always been good at it.

Boston Culture: How have you managed to build your following in Boston? Mook$: I just want to help put the city on the map and open up opportunities for not only myself but my peers. Boston is a melting pot of very talented people it’s time to show the world. Boston Culture: What you been up to during quarantine? Mook$: During this time just been trying to be safe but hustle hard at the same time. Get to the money but work on my craft and build up everything around my first album. We’ve been working on everything very hard! Merch, promotion ideas, getting stuff together for music videos, locking in deals & features and working on my documentary.

Favorite Smoke: Silver pearl and Lemon Kush Favorite Studio: Lil Hollywood studio hit me up if you need sessions !  Favorite Food to cook: Mac and Cheese  Favorite Food for take out: Pizza or Chicken wings  Favorite Album: favorite collective projects I’ve listen to and focused on ! Lil wayne No ceilings .. Lil baby Harder then hard !  Favorite producer:  Producers ! (my own producers foreign Fugazi Ohdee Samsullivanbeats industry metro 808 wheezy Travis Scott  Any new hobbies: Lately been working on my own comics and my own anime !  PS4 or Xbox :  idc not to go into video games only play COD ! PS4 tagg Bostonmooks Favorite part of quarantine: I get to spend time and focus on my music but also get to talk to my family and peers more then before too 

Boston Culture: Talk to us about your vision. Mook$: I like to live in the moment looking into the future cause it to change or you to worry to much but if the cards are played right we’ll be on tour with someone and pushing through the industry.  Boston Culture: What have you been working on? Who's on your dream project?  Mook$: Right now currently working on my first album ! It’s coming along beautiful so far I’m loving it ! Features are still in the works but we are trying to step into a different bracket so we are going for some house hold industry names producers and artist ! My dream project would have Drake, Weezy,Travis Scott, Lil Baby, Gunna, Roddy Rich   Boston Culture: What's the longest you've been in the studio for one session?

Mook$:I live in the studio the longest I’ve ever record was 48hrs !

Boston Culture: What made you want to create your first song and how old were you? Mook$: Everyone wants and still wants to be Rappers it’s a trend through out everywhere but I just thought it was cool I was into the artistic stuff this was a different way to show my abilities to create nothing to something ! A lot of people have helped me along the way and a lot have shown me new things ! Someone I look up to are the business people of the music because they’re the money makers  Boston Culture:Tell me about your process in creating music?

Mook$: Usually I go to the store get some drinks. Maybe a bottle definitely some weed just for a vibe then we go through the beats and whatever we are feeling. I don’t write anymore because it’s all about the raw emotions and the vibe I get the second that beat drops.I usually engineer myself but when I’m not I know my terminology in the studio and I try to be fast but also get everything I need to say out and my ideas down  Boston Culture: What has been your most amazing moment experienced as an artist?   Mook$: Most amazing moment so far is watching my moms in the crowd at one of my shows and afterwards just hearing her say she was proud of what I’m trying to accomplish. Boston Culture: What was the best advice you got? Mook$: People in the music industry are Shady. Own your own masters!  Boston Culture: What do you dislike about the industry?

Mook$: It’s all about ”I” instead of team you look at places like New York, A$ap Rocky era when they put the whole burrows down in the industry they all just worked together.

Boston Culture:Who are your biggest influences? Mook$: My mom and grandfather. A lot of my friends  Boston Culture: Talk to us about your team. Has the pandemic affected anything?  Mook$: My teams is working hard. Texas my manager met him one night downtown while hanging outside the club. Been cool ever since he’s a major part in putting the Bully team together. My dawg is a blessing and does a lot of work with me everyone is working hard and I can’t wait to go on tour with everyone. The album was suppose to drop in the summer but we moved in back to fall 2020 just so everything can be perfect and does what it needs to do. Boston Culture: What inspires you? Mook$: The drive dedication and determination just wanting more for my family my team and myself !  Boston Culture: When is the last time you were in the studio? Mook$: I’m in the studio everyday ! But we got some drops coming ! Boston Culture: What do you want to let your fans know that you haven't mentioned? Mook$: We are going to make it we working to go get it and all of our hard work together is going to pay off ! 

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