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New Visionary Group: Sonic Selection

Up and coming artists, Sonic Selection, has revealed they are dropping new music. Fans who enjoy 'Maneuver & Gain' and 'Move Swiftly' will be sure to enjoy what they're releasing in the future. Long time fans are anticipating 4 new mixtapes dropping later this year. Can't wait to see them expand their personal boundaries of new music.

Boston Culture: During the formation of the group, Sonic Selection, what was the vision going forward?

The Vision was to create music that was timeless and leave a legacy as great artists from the city! We inspire and motivate people everyday with our music. The melodies touch the spirit and move the body. Sonically Gifted Music Group will definitely leave a strong legacy in the world of not only music but in the culture as a whole.

Boston Culture: What goals do you have, individually and as a group?

Short Term goals for me personally, MaZing, are to get a spot on a tour where I can travel the country and spread the music and love that's inside my heart. As an entrepreneur I'm looking to keep pushing what we have going on as a group and make strong business moves. This year we'll put out at least 4 projects as a group and a ton of visuals, which is exciting!

Boston Culture: What should the fans expect from the upcoming mixtape dropping in February?

'Only What Serves You', the tape, drops February 25th! This is my first project as a solo artist, I'm very proud of the body of work we put together. It's a combination of current and classic sounds that make for a great Hip Hop/RnB project. Expect a music video the week the Tape drops and another one in March, as well as an NFT collection.

Boston Culture: How do you all come up with vlogging ideas for the vlog series?

The Vlog series came together organically. We just put together a series of clips that showed what life is like for me on a micro scale outside of music and gives fans an opportunity to get to know me more. As a music fan you love to see your favorite artist as human and doing things that you may do as well, you feel connected to them! You also want to know what they're spending their time doing on a daily basis.

Boston Culture: How long have you been creating music for?

I've been making music for my whole life. Growing up I sang in the choir, played piano and violin. The first instrument I ever played was the Jimbe, the African drum, when I would go to dance class with my mom. That was around age 4. Since then my love for music just grew and I started to rhyme and record when I was 17.

Boston Culture: Where do you see the group in the next few years?

In the coming years I will see the group on tour! I see us doing meet and greets, connecting with our fans and continuing to make an impact in our community! We're working on different clothing collections, music capsules, NFT's and events so stay tuned!


Check out Sonic Selection's Social Media:

MaZing's IG: https://www.instagram.com/theogzing/

Sonic Selection's IG: https://www.instagram.com/sonicselection/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYz60TQwQNmRHp7er5A2sgQ

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