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Revere Bred Nico Hustle directs Visuals for "Wrist" Ft. Jmontez - Exclusive Interview Q&A

Nico Hustle is a Rapper/Singer, CEO of #HustleKiller Clothing and Entertainment, Owner of HK Headquarters. Nico Hustle is well on his way to becoming a business tycoon, he's been working a lot on his craft. In this exclusive interview, Nico Hustle touches on his mentality, growing up, personal goals and much more.

Boston Culture: Where did you from/ grow up? Nico Hustle: I grew up in Revere , MA Cooledge St Projects . 10 mins outside of Boston. I Grew up in the 90s so shit was amazing , from music to movies to t.v everything was lit. Growing up we were around parents with drug abuse , single moms , the usual public housing situations but I always kept busy had to grow up fast to adapt to our surroundings.

Make sure to tap in! Video edited & Directed by Hustlekiller Song produced by Rhodymajor, Juisemoney & La Sarena Studios.

Boston Culture: Talk to us about Wrist. Nico Hustle: The song “Wrist” was created by myself & Jmontez , we were in the studio an once we heard the beat the feel of the song came together quickly. Today we use the word “Drip” as a reference to being fresh, looking fly but in this song we flipped it saying that the real drip is what we are doing! The drip they wanna see is us killing ourselves for this music shit. That’s were the darkness of the video comes out . Being an Independent artist has a lot of ups an downs and can take a mental toll on some . We wanted to portray an over the top version of this in the video . Boston Culture : I want to get into the younger self's mentality. Nico Hustle: Growing up I always had a camera around . I was a huge fan of the “Jackass” tv show on MTV an I’m a huge movie buff. I think being a part of or making videos has always been in me . Back in 2011-2014 I was in a rap group “So Sick” and I would shoot all the videos , not knowing what I was doing but always had fun doing it . I also got the opportunity to be friends with a really good videographer who I definitely learned a lot from and could apply to my own work.

Boston Culture : What was the best advice you got early in your career? Nico Hustle: The best Advice I ever got early in my career was to make music you would want to listen to an to keep going . Music is a beautiful thing . It bring ppl together on so many levels and if you keep at it you can literally only get better . One thing I would definitely say to is invest in your craft as much as possible . Boston Culture : What do you dislike about the art world/music industry? Nico Hustle: A lot of talent is over looked in Boston , especially if you're not from a certain area that the city wants to push . It’s definitely a “who do you know” type of situation most of the time . I Also don’t like the rep that Hiphop/Rap gets when trying to book shows locally. There’s been a lot of gentrification over the years that I feel help discourage our shows / music . The lack of opportunity for upcoming artist is super hard to come by if you're not putting in years of work and connections .

Boston Culture : Did the pandemic affect any plans you had? Nico Hustle: The pandemic has effected us all for sure . We did our own Tour in 2019 throughout Boston called “THE BIG BAG THEORY TOUR” . We're going to Start up another one for 2020 but unfortunately with everything going on that couldn’t happen. We also planned on traveling going out state to shows an appearances but due to everything going on we have just been keeping busy making as much music as possible working with as many artist as I can.

Boston Culture : Who are your biggest influences? Nico Hustle: My biggest influences would have to be , The notorious B.I.g , Master P, Prince, Usher , Scott Storch , Snoop Dogg, Nore , Action Bronson , Micheal Jackson , Johnny Knoxville, Adam Sandler , Martin Lawrence, Jim Carry. Boston Culture : What do you think of the music scene in the State? Are there any other Boston producers or artists you'd potentially like to work with for the next project? Nico Hustle: Right now at this time I feel like Boston is a POWERHOUSE for upcoming music . All of my friends and people I’m around are all artist , producers, engineers, Djs etc . You can throw a rock an hit talent anywhere you are , it’s a beautiful thing. I think the pandemic really gave ppl a push to work on their music . As far as ppl I’d like to work with in the city I’d honestly love to work with everyone . I love features it makes songs fun cause you can vibe off others style and energy and you never know what will come out of it . I’d love to work with more female artist there’s a lot out here who are amazing and also names like termanology , Millyz , Michael Christmas . As Far as producers i love my homies Juisemoney, Kitos and Rhodymajor, they are the fresh upcoming faces of Boston . I love working with John Scott and His Whole crew at phenix down recording in Somerville, I’d love to work with John Glass and his crew they make dope music , Also Humbeats is someone who I’d definitely like to work with he cares a lot about the work he puts out an the city there’s also a lot of ppl I haven’t even met yet but if you care bout the music an the art you put out out I’ll definitely work with you . There’s some out here that are just looking for that pay check . Boston Culture : Tell us about your goals for 2021. Both personal and business. Nico Hustle: My personal goals are to get either myself or one of my friends in the music spot light out here , to really get us noticed . We are extremely talented . Also personally I’d like to drop as many music videos as possible . Business goals , I’m looking to open a high end professional recording studio that will bring in mainstream artist , looking to go back on tour , and to open a bigger clothing store for our clothing brand “ Hustlekiller”

Boston Culture : What brands should sponsor you? Nico Hustle: I’m a huge wine drinker , I’d love for Apothic Red to sponsor me , I’ve actually talked to them an hopefully can get them on board for 2021. The network VICELAND. Should definitely check us out we are the definition of upcoming talent and would make a great reality show this can shed a lot on the music scene especially being independent. MASS APPEAL , MTV they would both get a kick out of our lifestyle an crazy shit we are up to especially music wise . Any Boston brands would be an honor to rock with us to rep the city . Boston Culture :Anything else we missed you want to tell your fans? Nico Hustle: Definitely check out the Hustlekiller clothing line , we sponsor artist with free gear , and been puttin in a lot of work throughout the city for years . Please don’t be shy to reach out an work with me , my main focus of 2021 is to work with as many ppl an do as many events as possible so please reach out .

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