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Nigerian Breakthrough Artist: Y.D.A

With reggae and dancehall influences, we have Y.D.A to bless our ears with his new EP, Closer, available now on all platforms. With his down-to-Earth charisma and willingness to put in effort, we can see that hard work really does pay off. His music is an example of all of that. Discover more of what Y.D.A has to offer and show to the world.

Boston Culture: Where are you from? Where do you get your inspiration to create music?

I’m originally from Lagos, Nigeria but I live in Dorchester. I get my inspiration from everyday life and my love for music, instrumentation and song writing.

Boston Culture: What excites you about releasing this new EP?

What excites me is that people finally get to listen to what I’ve been creating and how new and refreshing it sounds. All the songs are different but also very cohesive.

Boston Culture: What should the fans expect from these new tracks?

Fans should expect a project full of different flavors. If you want to slow wine, sing your heart out, leg work, be in your feelings, etc. There’s something for you in this EP.

Boston Culture: Who inspires you to create the music you make today?

It’s just my life that inspires me to create the music I do and my love for writing. I write songs either based on me, someone else or something that I know is realistic. I also get inspired by a lot of artists, old or new. Artists like Drake, Chris Brown, Wizkid, Burna Boy etc.

Boston Culture: How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music since my Junior year of High school. I will make remixes to hit songs at the time. After a year or two of doing that I started to write my own songs.

Boston Culture: Where do you see your career within the next few years?

I see my career taking off very quickly in the next few years because I’ve put in my 10,000 hours. My music is also reaching a lot more people now and I see that increasing by a lot very soon.

Boston Culture: Is there any word of releasing any music videos along with this EP?

I am planning on shooting a video for a song or two from the EP. One video is already out and that’s for the “All Over” record.

Boston Culture: Anything else you would like to let us know about?

Let’s keep supporting out talents from MA so we can have our own know artists that can not only tour and make a living across the country or world but also here in the state like they do in Georgia, New York, California, Texas, etc.


Check out Y.D.A's Socials:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/official_y.d.a/

Linktree: https://lnkfi.re/YDAcloser

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