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Powerline the energy that Ignites us, feel the power. Exclusive Interview Q&A.

A Way of life , the intersection where quality and the energy to succeeded meet. The lifestyle that Ignites the energy within us, feel the power! Make sure to tap in with POWERLINE! They got a networking event on 4/22. Merch OTW as well. Feel the Power!

Boston Culture: How did you get the name for the brand?

Been on the west coast since 05. Bringing that power to the people. From coast to coast, quality over everything #No power no plug #We power all the plugs

Boston Culture: How do you go about coming up with the designs for the merch?

Depending on the strain/Cut name from our elite growers, and the different ways they grow it. We come together and come up with unique names that match look, taste,smell, and Original Cut of the flower.

Boston Culture: Talk to us about tHe upcoming event / pop up?

We got few events coming up stay tuned to our IG and telegram. Also Be on the lookout this summer for the Cazamigos Gelato (2021 Summer Anthem and strain of the year ) and Luckiest Strike (payd genetics collab) these are a few of our best and biggest strains so far.


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/powerlineco_/ https://www.instagram.com/powerlineusa_/


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