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Rising Artist: Massiahh

An artist with character is hard to find, but no need to look any further because Massiahh is right here! In his rhymes there is vulnerability of loss, growing up black, identity, and so much more. With hints of his album coming out, we are waiting to see what else Massiahh has to offer. Read below to discover this talented artist.

Boston Culture: Being from the 508 area, has that allowed you to make the music you create today? Where exactly were you raised?

Growing up in the 508 I’ve had my fair share of experiences. One of my first ever studios in the 5 is at Ladder Dream Studios over on Dover Street. I was raised all over Mass. My Grandmother lives in Roxbury, I was born on the Southside of Brockton and spent most my years growing up with my grandmother in Roxbury. I went to school and shit out in Taunton MA though.

Boston Culture: Does living in Boston give you a different perspective on the music scene?

Overall Boston rap is divided, you got the high level rappers and the drill rappers and it shows. All levels of rap are solid though cuz that’s the culture.

Boston Culture: Where did you get your name?

A lot of people actually ask me this. The first four letters are for where I’m from Mass, the “iahh” part stands for I am holt. Holt being my last name, I think identity is everything.

Boston Culture: What is the meaning behind the song, Letter to Griffin?

Letter To Griffin was inspired by my dawg who recently passed, after he died I was really in a bad place and once I heard that beat shit just clicked.

Boston Culture: How was it working with YK Dolo? Which have been your favorite of the singles you two have made?

Yk Dolo the 3KN goonnnn, that’s my dawg too fr tho we grew up together, when we in the booth together it just happen we ain’t gotta make it work it kinda just click. My favorite single fa sure “Sacrifice” which is out on all platforms.

Boston Cultures: How do you want to further your music career? Do you plan to drop a mixtape any time soon?

I wanna do everything imaginable in this music biz, I plan on dropping a mixtape featuring Mass Artists ONLY, It’d be crazy if Millyz hopped onnis!

Boston Culture: Which producers have you worked with? Would you work with them again?

I’ve worked with TeddyD @teddyd508 , and B08 ENY @enytd . I’d definitely work with them again cuz a bond between Artist and Producers is some pressure fr.

Boston Culture: Is there anything we should be on the lookout for? The fans want to know!

Be on the lookout for “Massiahh’s Story” my official mixtape to drop sometime soon in 2022!! I’m dedicated fr and y’all can expect greatness.

Check out Massiahh's Socials:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iammassiahh/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDEzNIuGbHA6D-zpXKoP1kg

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/massiahh/1532804864

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4UyyypGOZMLsNkn66Vz2PD?si=HQfVI-QUR-iJ5F0Ob0MlKw

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