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Roxbury-bred Vintage Lee's contagious charisma makes her a true leader

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

She is a leading artist in Massachusett's budding hip hop culture due to her entrancing live performances and effortlessly magnetic charm.

Lee has gained national acclaim in recent years, even landing a spot on the NBA 2K18 soundtrack with the second song she ever released "Hennythings Possible". Lee has been rapping about her lifestyle and the art of valuing oneself as a leader.

Vintage Lee is a passionate and hardworking artiste whose spicy and saucy lyrics keep her fans' hopes high. Her catchy wordplay and undebatable allure are a clear definition of dedication and a reflection of how she continues to earn people's ears around Boston and all over the world. Lee started rapping at a young age, She pointed out in an interview that she received a mic as a gift at the age of 5 years. However, she didn't go to record her rapping in the studio until 2015 when she released "Right Now." Vintage Lee grew up listening to rap stars like Rick James, James Brown, and Isley Brothers. In High school, Lee was playing basketball, but her interest in rapping never faded. She dedicated her focus to music after she stopped playing basketball due to foot ligament injury. Her PiMP mixtape- a debut ten-track collection, released in 2017.

Vintage Lee's latest video, Kadakaka, has already garnered attention across the state. It was directed and produced by Thien Dam and Sharlea Brookes, respectively.

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