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Mikey Milano plans to become one of the most promising freshman in the bean

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Dorchester-bred young talent talks about how Church inspired him, family values, upcoming project and more.

Mikey Milano on where he wants to be by this time next year. 

In label offices , ready for a Distribution deal to be mine.

Recent visuals directed by Santos.

Boston Culture: Where did you grow up?

Mikey: Im from Boston and I’m a Dorchester baby, Child hood was the life of a regular kid until things didn’t end up well with my parents after 16 years of marriage. So for the past couple years I’ve been in a house hold with my mother and older sister.

Boston Culture: When did you first explore your talent as an artist?

Mikey: I first found my talent in church. I was a young kid always grew up in church till' this day , just admiring people around me and picking up on little vocal runs and by being very visual with things I picked up on singing. Then I met my brother Jaydadon and he rapped all his life so I put my voice and the rap into one and he put the singing into his arsenal. Now we’re group that can do anything .

Favorite Smoke: Gelato x Favorite Studio: Phoenix downs  Favorite Food to cook: quesadillas  Favorite Food for take out: chic fil a  Favorite Album: Until Death Call My Name Reloaded (YB) Any new hobbies: Gardening  Favorite part of quarantine: Lots of time to get in the studio more and digging deeper into my inner artist and keep trying to better myself as an artist .

Boston Culture: Who have you been working with? Who's on your dream project? 

Mikey: Yes Astod is one of my favorite producers out of mass, showed love and sent beat packs before I had any buzz. Been working with Bj 98 out of Dorchester lately . I would have Toosii2x ,Roddy Ricch , and A boogie on my dream project 

Boston Culture: Talk to us about your last visual.

Mikey: Poverty was our first music video we dropped and that song was just showing the streets that we feel it too, we all live a similar story and we just had to find the word that put us in the feet of others. Poverty is a thing that people don’t even know they are in until they see the bigger picture and actually see what they are surrounded by everyday of their lives. We had a vision and Made it happen. 

Boston Culture: Was there ever a studio session when you thought. "Yo this is crazy" ?

Mikey:The first time I was in the studio with T Drape it was just a vibe , bottles, weed whatever you needed to get lit it was there. We were there from like 11pm to 6am. Session was lit for a fact. Longest I’ve been in the studio was for 10 hrs. That’s when me and Bj locked in we booked a 10 hr session together .

Boston Culture: What made you want to create your first song? 

Mikey: When I met my brother jay he already knew I had a voice cause I always was known for singing all the time around my neighborhood, and later on Facebook so it was more like 2 people that wanted the same goals ended up being friends and talents made each other better as artist. Me and him both wrote our first song and our mentor take us to the studio . We recorded our first song with Dtheflyest's producer from BTL, Cruu and we were both 16 when we dropped “Whateva” which is our first song that now has 31k plays. I just wanted to be great and my brother helped me and I helped him.

Boston Culture: Tell me about your process in creating music?

Mikey:I have to usually get into my feelings , sometimes I would just be laying down and I just start thinking , and I open my notepad and just start trying to putting my feelings into a song . I try to make my self as vulnerable as I could but I could work on that more so that the listener can feel like they're walking in my shoes the whole song.

Boston Culture: What inspires you to create. 

Mikey: Well when my manager tells me that very big artist like Pusha T and other various and other various artist are watching our work and see what we are building and say keep up the good work. That shows that we belong there and nothing can stop us but us.

Boston Culture: What was the best advice you got early in your career?

Mikey: The best advice I receive is always from my manager due to him being in label rooms before and having the knowledge of the industry already. 2 things I remember he says is that the this music thing doesn’t happen overnight and the ones that get it fast it goes away fast. Also he says worry about what your doing regularly to better your career and you will see more progress day by day. 

Boston Culture: What do you dislike about the art world/music industry?

Mikey: I don’t appreciate the fact that the music industry usually tries to take a big percentage off of African American artist and play them against their knowledge andI will not stand for it , so that’s why I would recommend a distribution deal just to give my team a push but we will supply our necessities ourselves as our own label. Love 2 Loyalty Records

Boston Culture: Who are your biggest influences?

Mikey: Roddy Ricch just because he’s a young don at what he does and showed it within a short Period of time and gave people a show so that no one can do nothing but respect him. He’s really built for this and that’s what I admire about him. 

Boston Culture: What inspires you to wake up everyday and stay focused, hungry and humble on your goals. 

Mikey: I have to break the cycle of a regular way of living for my family , I want more for my family and the others to come. We were born kings and Queens so why should we keep ourselves at the bottom if we can go chase it ourselves.

Boston Culture: When you blessing the streets with more heat! When is the last time you were in the studio?

Mikey: An L2L(love 2 loyalty) weekend will happen soon , it consist of a 3 song weekend Jaydadon will drop a single on the Friday, I will drop a single on Saturday and then to finish it off we drop a music video together. COMING SOON. I was in the studio this past weekend.

Boston Culture: What do you want to let your fans know that you haven't mentioned?

Mikey: I want my fans to know to tap in now ❗️We boutta take off and go main stream , I just wanna know if y’all riding with me 

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