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Stoughton bred VangoDaMogul drops visuals for "Lil Bitch" Directed by Bridgez- Exclusive Q&A

Stoughton bred VangoDaMogul has been putting a lot of work into her craft. In this interview Q&A we were able to dive into Vango's mentality, goals and much more!

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Boston Culture: Where did you from/ grow up?

VangoDaMogul: I grew up in Stoughton, Ma and moved to California for a little and came back to MA.

Boston Culture: Talk to us about "LIL BITCH" how did you get the idea?

VangoDaMogul: Lil Bitch was one of my most promoted song off my mixtape Mind over Matter. Song was a freestyle, Made the hook on the way to the studio and the verse in the studio. Just was a song for everyone who doubts me. Out on all platforms and Video out now shout by Bridgez Boston Culture : What was the best advice you got early in your career?VangoDaMogul: Best advice I got early was to not let anyone tell you; you can't, and to keep making music even when you think no one rocks with your music because someone out there will.

Boston Culture : What do you dislike about the art world/music industry?VangoDaMogul: The lack of support and you have to have clout in order to make it instead of just being talented. Boston Culture : Did the pandemic affect any plans you had?

VangoDaMogul: Of course, I wanted to do more shows this year and travel more to different states but It also help me focus more on my sound and I've been locked in the studio ever since the pandemic even more than before Boston Culture : Who are your biggest influences?

VangoDaMogul: I would have to say 50 Cent , Nipsey , and Biggie Smalls Boston Culture : Walk us through your creative process.

VangoDaMogul: It all depends sometimes most of the time im riding in the V and my lyrics and my vibes come to me as im listening to the song. Other times I vibe in the studio while listening to the beat if I hadn't already written a hook to it, most of my verses are freestyles.

Boston Culture : Talk to us about how you got your creativity.

VangoDaMogul: When I was younger me and my boys would always freestyle in the cyph I made beats for a little and then later down the line started rapping but Took classes all the way up to College for drawing, design, and photography. I had my clothing designed and thought up since 2012. Boston Culture : What do you think of the music scene in the State? Are there any other Boston producers or artists you'd potentially like to work with for the next project? VangoDaMogul: Feel like we up next if we keep pushing there's a lot of talent in the city and its just gon keep getting better. Got something coming up with artist Chace Banks and my next project is going to be a Solo project no features but producer wise im been sticking with my guys Xonit Beat , K.A. Beats & Lynnmx. Them dudes are up next for sure in Mass and deff underrated.

Boston Culture : Tell us about your goals for 2021. Both personal and business. Any upcoming projects you want to talk about? Talk to us about Buzzed.

VangoDaMogul: I don't wanna say too much but my goals for this year are gon big a lot of stuff lined up and Merch coming back out. Buzzed Ent is my entertainment business were we are shifting from promotion in the state to interviews and reaction videos. Only thing ima say about my next project is its called "Love Stories"

Boston Culture : What brands should sponsor you? VangoDaMogul: Polo & Puma hands down Boston Culture :Anything else we missed you want to tell your fans?

VangoDaMogul: I love all the genuine support y'all show me! Go stream my new project that Dropped Jan 20th 2020 Archive and keep running up "Lil Bitch" official music video on YouTube and all other platforms !

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