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Strong Puerto Rican roots in Bia enabled her passion and creativity

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Medford-bred rapper, model, and a songwriter is just getting started.

Bianca Landrau popularly known as Bia is from Medford Mass. In a recent interview with Oxygen, she spoke about wanting to become a rapper at a young age after attending studio sessions. Bia attended college briefly, but after exploring her creativity, she dropped out and began bartending to pay for studio time. She moved to LA full time three years ago. She has been putting in a lot sweat and passion into her craft and brand. In 2013, she had a fatal motorcycle accident caused by a drunk driver who crashed into her and friends but she survives the fatal accident. She stated that “When I was young in Boston, probably like 14, I used to hang with a bunch of rappers in the studio. They're famous battle rappers now. Back then, they were coming up. They used to be in the studio. I used to hit the 'record' button for them all the time. I was writing but I didn't tell anybody". She signed for I Am Other music label in 2014 which is part of a collaboration with RCA Records. Bia starred оn the first two seasons of the Oxygen reality television show Sisterhood Hip Hop. Later that year, Bia released a mixtape entitled #CHOLASEASON. She has worked with a different heavyweights like Usher, T.I, and Jennifer Hudson. In an interview she granted with radio station Hot 97’s morning show the Ebro in 2015, that is where she made it known to the public that she will not be back for season 3 Sisterhood of Hip Hop. In 2016, Bia released 2 singles “Whip It” and “Gucci Comin’ Home”. Also in 2017, she released another 2 singles “Bedside” and “Fungshwa”. All those four singles she released included in her project titled “Trap Vogue”. She asserted that the project would not be her debut album but rather in her EP to come before it which was released that same year. In an interview she granted with Hypebae, she described the project as “high energy with Latin elements mixed in” she also make it known that the song “Esta Noche” featuring Ariana Grande that was performed during her opening set for the Dangerous Woman Tour is also included on the project.September 2018, she released “Nice Girls Finish Last: Cuidado, which is an EP that is included in the single “Hollywood” as well as collaboration with Kali Uchis and Kodak Black. Soon after, she came out with a powerful and independent song titled “One Minute Warning”. The single was over a minute long, and she also releases the video the same day. Also on October 17th, 2019, Bia and Russ collaborate to produce the song title “Best on Earth” where she mentioned Rihanna in the lyrics, and that song got the attention of the pop icon she was so excited and she makes a short video on her Instagram page with the song playing in the background saying “Thank you Bia and Russ for my new favorite song “Best on Earth”.

With the popularity that Rihanna gives the song, it made the song to make it to a top spot on Billboard Hot 100 and was certified Platinum by the RIAA for selling over one million units in the United States. Bia has also made a great impact this year. She released her first single on March 27th, 2020, under Epic Records “Free BIA (1st Day Out)” and she released the video of the song the same say. After one week, April 3rd precisely, she released another single “Cover Girl” from her upcoming project titled “Rich Tiers”. After she released the song, a” quarantine music video” was released along with it where she was dancing in front of a wall in multiple outfits.

Check out some of the videos she's released on her Youtube Channel.

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