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The Flyest in the City releases new single and visuals post Quarantine

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Bandits The Label’s product Dtheflyest aka Priv built on his momentum with multiple visuals released this year, including #PrivMadness EP.

Bandits The Label’s own Dtheflyest aka Priv has been blessing the streets with songs and visuals all year. Not a bad strategy since he was pretty busy touring with Lil Baby and it’s no secret by now that Priv is making his name as one of the most promising artists in the nation.

You can see the pain and ambition in his eyes while he raps “A lot of shit I been through that I never tell you cus you one to go and tell somebody” rapping in front of the exclusive and limited edition Less Friends More Bandz art collection. The record is doused with money-hungry rhymes that portray this superstar’s hustle and slow grind during quarantine. We're all looking forward for his forthcoming project that will be taking the city by storm.

Check out his previews visuals. His epic story telling makes us feel the pain he's rapping.

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