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VTS Collective rising stars MoneyMatt, Yung Ju & Money Mo establishing VTS as a household name.

VTS Collective/Virtuoso Entertainment has been applying pressure all year. They are already producing a plethora of rising stars that are showcasing why VTS is an upcoming household name in the region. The versatility prevalent within the talent exiting Massachusetts is booming to say the least. MoneyMatt, Yung Ju and Money Mo showcase their talents on the latest visual production, "Ride or Die" Directed by Killerlooks. We got a chance to recently catch up with the team, including their manager.

Boston Culture: Where you guys from?

MoneyMatt: I grew up on Norton where coming up was very difficult, especially because of the area we lived in. But growing up here sure made me become who I am , made me meet some of the most important people in my life, and taught me hustle and humility.

Money Mo: Well me and my family didn't have much while I was growing up so we moved around a lot but , Im originally from cali I stayed over there for a good amount of my childhood , I spent like 8-9 years out there, then moved out here to the bean for like 2 years , moved to a shelter out in Holyoke for a couple months , moved to the projects in Everett for some years , moved to Quincy for like 8 , then it's been back in the Bean ever since so a lot of moving. 

Yung Ju: Cabo verde and better then American. More peace, better beaches better crowds.

Boston Culture: When did you first realize you had creative and artistic talent?

Money Mo: I think when I made my first song is when I realized I had an artistic talent , and that my sound was different from others. 

Yung Ju: In middle school always been singing and playing instruments

Boston Culture: Talk to us about "Ride or Die"

MoneyMatt: The making of ride or die was first started in the truck, a rental we had got, we stayed up all night finding beats till we came across the one for ride or die. We saved the beat to a folder and then we went to the stu the next day, freestyled most of the song.

Boston Culture: How did you get involved with VTS?

Money Mo: Got involved with VTS when we first started founding the idea of a music group. 

Yung Ju: Money Matt me and brodie needed a song together and I was asked to join.

Boston Culture: Was there ever a "crazy" studio session?

MoneyMatt:There was this one studio session when we made nine songs in a sitting which was probably the craziest studio session, even though we just started rapping about a year ago. But the longest session had to be a ten hour plus if I remember in Brockton.

Boston Culture: When did you first realize your creative and artistic ability?

MoneyMatt: Well i first came across music when i was in high school about a junior when my boy Sedric started rapping. I was about 16, but mainly focused on engineering at that time, even wanted to be a producer. But two years later, two of my “brothers” wanted me to hop on a song. So i did and ever since then i've just been grinding and perfecting my craft.

Boston Culture: Best advice you ever got?

MoneyMatt:The best advice I've gotten in only a year was to tap into my voice and keep pushing to never give up, which leads us to this very day.

Boston Culture: What do you dislike about the industry?

MoneyMatt: The one thing i don't like about this music industry is people never give credit where it's due. What I mean is sometimes people don't get the recognition they deserve which makes most people want to quit or give up, but that's where dogs are made. In that very moment of doubt.

Boston Culture: How did the pandemic affect your plans?

MoneyMatt: It very much did as we planned on doing shows, little bit of openers, and most importantly visuals!!! But we seemed to beat around the bush and kept it pushing.

Yung Ju:I think it helped me more cause that’s how I was able to meet everyone 

Boston Culture: Who are your biggest influences?

MoneyMatt: My biggest influences have to be Dave East, gunna, nipsey, chris brown, people like that just because they're really humble and just know what they're doing before rapping.

Boston Culture: Who are some local artist you'd like to work with?

MoneyMatt: Yes, I'd love to work with all the rappers in my city because there is a lot of talent everywhere, but I'd like to have a song with t drape maybe Dtheflyest. Even locals like Mikey Milano, young bucks with talent everywhere.

Boston Culture: What's your plans for the year?

MoneyMatt:For the rest of the year my goals are simply to make money and perfect my craft as much as i can.

Boston Culture: What motivates you everyday?

MoneyMatt: My mother, my brothers, and especially my little wifey they all push me to be better everyday, keep grinding everyday.

Boston Culture: How do you plan our your strategic moves?

MoneyMatt: I try to hit up people on my own such as you maybe even promoters just to get my name out. When I'm with my team, I try to brainstorm as many ideas as we can on how to make it out.

Boston Culture: When's the last time you cooked up in the stu?

MoneyMatt:Last time I was in the studio was about last week, and right now im trying on making more solos and just trying to work with different people, hit me!!

Boston Culture: What brands should sponsor you?

MoneyMatt: Brands that sponsor us should be Crocs, always wear em, Henny and D'USSÉ, always in our system, list goes on.

Yung Ju: Fronto, Magnum, D'USSÉ

Boston Culture: What else do you want to let your fans know?

MoneyMatt: All I want to say is follow me on IG at moneymatt__, if you're an artist tap in hit me i'm willing to work with all my fellow rappers, and just to tap

Boston Culture: Where did you come from?

Luca: Born in Portugal, raised in the South Shore but met all the guys at different stages of my life.

Boston Culture: When did you decide to start a label?

Luca: I’ll never jack that I started VTS/ Virtuoso Entertainment, it was a group effort that was already moving up before I took control of the direction.

Boston Culture: What do you scout for in talent?

Luca: Energy, Sauce and Flows

Boston Culture: What's the vision for the label?

Luca: Each be individually in our own bags and everyone with their own table to eat and feed from. And a few Hot 100’s top 5 placements just for the bragging rights.

Check out one of my favorite tracks below, and their "VTS Babies" tape on Soundcloud.

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