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Wareham's 508TJB is aiming for the Sky.

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Local upcoming artist looking to make major moves within the next year.

Boston Culture: Where did you grow up and what was your childhood like?

508TJB: Wareham, about 50 minutes from Boston, My childhood was mostly consisted of smoking weed, partying, and hanging with my brothers

Boston Culture: When did you first explore your talent as an artist?

508TJB: I first started rapping when I was about 16 in high school didn't really take it to serious than really just did it because I loved to freestyle. I didn't really start taking it serious and exploring my talent as a artist until like 20 years old than I really started to find my lane, try different beats and really start to put my feelings and pain into my music . Also as well as investing myself buying every beat lease, videos, good studio, and etc.

Boston Culture: How did you get your name for your last EP?

508TJB: I chose Mixed Feelings 2 because I have another EP I put out right after high school called Mixed Feelings but I only put it out on SoundCloud because I used YouTube beats. I wanted to make another for my fans and personally to show the growth in my music and in myself as an artist and to show what’s coming up next. My mind set was very hazy I would say that’s why it’s called mixed feelings, I had a rush of all different emotions hitting me at once during this process and just expressed it all into every song.

Favorite Smoke: Kush (Fruity Pebbles)

Favorite Studio: CTNT

Favorite Food to cook: Tacos

Favorite Food for take out: Steak and Cheese

Favorite Album:Goodbye & Good Riddance (Juice WRLD)

Favorite Artist: Juice WRLD

Any new hobbies: playing Rocket League

Favorite part of quarantine: Being by myself getting to figure everything out and get my mind right

Boston Culture: Talk to us about your vision.

508TJB: My vision is to wake everybody up not just me but everyone from my hometown Wareham we have A LOT of talent and all I want is the world to see it. By next year I want to be well known from where I’m from really shake the scene up and let them know that I’m here too.

Boston Culture: You been working with any new up and coming producer/artists?

508TJB: I mostly only work with the people from my town and around my town just as of right now but I’m always open to create and get in the lab, I do have a lil something coming soon on my debut album “PA” but that a lil secret I can’t tell yet.

Boston Culture: Who's on your dream project?

508TJB: My dream project would have to have a couple people on there, Juice, Wiz, lil uzi, and Method Man

Boston Culture: Talk to us about your last visual.

508TJB: My last visual is called Dream off my latest EP Mixed Feelings 2, Shot and Edited by Bridgez who shoots all my videos, We did a lil something different this time all in one spot but a lot of different looking shots and angles. I wanted to show what my dream was and it was this music shit so what’s better than doing it in the studio itself where my dreams happen. And it went great with Bridgez he’s the best we click together with these visuals we always open to ideas.

Boston Culture: Was there ever a studio session when you thought. "Yo this is crazy" ?

508TJB: Yes a lot or sessions I have I do this because I can’t believe that I Actually made the songs that I do.

Boston Culture: What's the longest you been in the stu?

508TJB:Longest I’ve been in the studio is like 10-12 hours in my homie 508Zellys studio but at my usual studio I usually go for 5 hours.

Boston Culture: What made you want to create your first song?

508TJB: I always use to freestyle with my friends when we were high and they always told me make a song and also a big reason I started rapping was wiz Khalifa he's probably the biggest inspiration on this shit for me. I recorded it at my homie JNash’s studio at his house before we both really started our careers in the music forreal

Boston Culture: Talk to us about your process in creating music.

508TJB: I usually write everything I create but lately this past year or two my homies 508vibe and 508zelly really pushes me to freestyle we made a bunch of hits that are still in his stash, and since then I been trying to freestyle a lot more and it has been coming a lot more fluent

Boston Culture: What has been an amazing moment you've experienced as an artist?

508TJB: I would say the people that hit my dm from a daily basis not everyday but time to time and tell me my music is great and I should never stop. That motivates me a lot but the biggest thing that inspires me is the people around me my brothers my peers, they just make me keep my foot on the pedal

Boston Culture: What was the best advice you got early in your career?

508TJB: I’m not better than nobody else and nobody is better than me

Boston Culture:What do you dislike about the art world/music industry?

508TJB: How fake it is, and everything about a label and signing a deal ( Not saying I never would do it just saying it would have to be on right terms)

Boston Culture:Who are your biggest influences?

508TJB: Ken Frank, Wiz Khalifa , Juice WRLD

Boston Culture: What inspires you to create?

508TJB: A better life for everyone around me and myself, and knowing I can achieve it if I work everyday towards it

Boston Culture: What do you want to let your fans know that you haven't mentioned?

508TJB: That I have a lot more in the bag than they think, and to please stay down till we ALL come up!

Boston Culture: What brands should sponsor you?

508TJB: New Balance and Core water

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