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Wayland native up-and-coming artist Slxxboy

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Slxxpboy talks about his upbringing, goals, recent EP and much more.

Slxxpboy has been putting in a lot of work into his craft. BVE2, BONUS PACK & GOODNIGHT MOON out now on all platforms

I always listened to rap music and always memorized the lyrics and sang along so i kind of always had an interest to write my own lyrics, and i wrote a few times when i was really young, but when my brother got a Mac computer with Garageband around 2009 is when i started writing and recording a lot - i was about 14 years old. Making music has always been the most satisfying way release things inside me - positive or negative. as time went on and more negativity was introduced into my life i really started to dive into making music, and i started to become very motivated to become good at it. 

Boston Culture: What city you from?

Slxxboy: I'm from Wayland MA. Quiet suburban town just outside of Boston - things were pretty great when I was a kid, played a lot of sports. 

Boston Culture: How old were you when you got into making music? Slxxboy: When i was about 14 I started writing and recording and I kept doing it more and more as time went on - i got hooked. 

Favorite Smoke: I never know what strain i'm smoking or if its indica or sativa lol i just take whatever is out there. Favorite Studio: In my basement in Wayland Favorite Food to cook: Pasta with butter Favorite Food for take out: Chinese food Favorite Album: Man on the Moon pt. 2 - Kid Cudi Any new hobbies: Been working more on producing and mixing/mastering Favorite part of quarantine: Spending time with my brothers and making music

Boston Culture: Tell me about your vision for the next year. Slxxboy: By next year I want to be doing a lot of shows, making clothes with my friends, shooting a bunch of videos and just working a lot on the music and the brand.

Boston Culture: What you been working on? Slxxboy: I work a lot with my friend Jack Mulhern, who does visuals, artwork and directing and a bunch of dope stuff - he's also an actor. and my friend Josh Mosier is a fire musician. i really wanna collaborate with kid cudi and bones too.

Boston Culture: Talk to us about BVE2.

Slxxboy: I just put out a bunch of music. BVE2 is the album - def my favorite project I've ever put out. Off that we shot for Pain I Felt, Rocky and Speed Demon. Then I put out the Bonus Pack - 3 songs that didn't make the album but wanted to put out. Then Goodnight Moon - 2 songs that i produced - lullaby type songs. I think I have some variety in the vibes of my songs - some guitar type beats, some more traditional rap beats and the new stuff I produce sounds different from both of those vibes. 

Boston Culture: Was there someone you looked up to or aspired to be?

Slxxboy: I still remember the day i listened to a bunch of Kid Cudi songs for the first time on Youtube, probably in 2008 - it was an unforgettable experience. I was and still am in awe of Cudi's music and he was a big early inspiration. 

Boston Culture: What about the first time ever recording?

Slxxboy: The first time I recorded i just used the built in mic on the Mac and pulled instrumentals off youtube - I don't even think i used headphones when i started i just played the beat out loud and hit record.

Boston Culture: Tell me about your process in creating music?

Slxxboy: More recently I've been producing my own music. I start with the synths or whatever sounds I'm using, then i record vocal melodies, then write to the melodies and record and add drums and different layers. then dive into the mixing and mastering process.

Boston Culture: What inspires you to create. 

Slxxboy: Probably just getting approval/respect from people i love and respect. If they fuck with my music then I know other people will. I get inspiration from different sources I could go to a party and the next day be very inspired, or if I have a certain experience/relationship with a girl, or if I have a beautiful weekend with friends or if i'm reflecting on past traumas. 

Boston Culture: What was the best advice you got early in your career? Slxxboy: Be unique. there are so many people making music that you need to stand out to get anywhere with music. 

Boston Culture: What do you dislike about the art world/music industry? Slxxboy: people who sound exactly like other artists and dont have any substance to their lyrics or any unique creativity. 

Boston Culture: What inspires you to wake up everyday and stay focused, hungry and humble on your goals. 

Slxxboy: I need to make enough money off music to survive. i do not want to work a job i dont like. music is everything to me. i need it. its cliche to say but it is therapy for me. 

Boston Culture: What else do you want to let your fans know?

Slxxboy: That i love them a lot and them listening to my music means a lot to me. 

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