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Worcester Bred THZ collabs w/ Young Money's Cory Gunz. New Upcoming Single ft. Uncle Murda & EP OTW

Worcester Bred artist THZ discusses how had to prove himself as an artist, knowing what it's like to be an outcast, creative mentality and much more.

Boston Culture: Where did you from/ grow up? How was that like? T.H.Z: What's good man, im originally from Worcester, Massachusetts. I ended moving to a town called Oxford like 20 minutes south from there when I was like 13. Shit was weird as hell man the kids in this town are f*ckin nuts haha. We spent most of our time skateboarding, smokin weed and drinking man. Shit was sick I miss those days.

Boston Culture: How did you get your name? T.H.Z: Haha honestly man I just love weed, and growing up everyone has always called me Z so I just switched the C in THC to a Z and called it a day. Boston Culture: Talk to us about "Animal Kingdom" how did you link up w/ Cory Gunz? T.H.Z: The idea for that video came from my people over at Streetheat in Long island. My mans king flo knew Cory Gunz personally so he presented me with the idea and I was all for it. It was my first time working in the studio with a major artist so I felt I had to prove my self as a rapper/artist and really show that I can hang (lyrically) with the big dogs.

Boston Culture: What was the best advice you got early in your career? T.H.Z: I think the best advice I've ever gotten in general was to always be my true genuine self.

Boston Culture: What do you dislike about the art world/music industry? T.H.Z: Too many snakes in the grass out here man. Boston Culture: Who or what are some of your influences? T.H.Z: I grew up playing the drums in thrash/hard-core type bands man so my influences are all over the place haha. To name a few, Barrington Levy, Jim Morrison, Waka Flocka, Tech N9ne, Eminem, Cypress Hill and Snoop Dogg. Boston Culture: Talk to us about about your younger mentality T.H.Z: Shit man my younger mentality was absolutely f*cked haha. From 16 to 26 I was pretty much wasted the entire time. No actual idea of what the f*ck was going on or what I was doing. I just partied until finally I realized I had enough man. I stopped drinking February 13th of 2018 and started focusing on rewiring my brain. Thanks to psychedelics I was able to disconnect and rewire my brain to better suit who I'm supposed to be. Shorty after I stopped with the bullshit I started writing raps at home simply because I didn't wanna be around anyone who was still partying at the time and I knew all I needed was an instrumental to make something happen so shout out to youtube for helping me out during those tough times. Boston Culture: What do you think of the music scene in MA? Are there any other Boston producers or artists you'd potentially like to work with for the next project? T.H.Z: The music scene in Massachusetts definitely strong i just think we need more of us high level artist to get together and really make shit happen for the state. Im down to work with whoever man just hit me up but I'm really aiming to work with Millyz this year for sure.

Boston Culture: Tell us about your goals for 2021. Both personal and business. Any future projects? T.H.Z: Shit man I'm getting ready to drop a song featuring Uncle Murda very soon and I'm workin on releasing my first EP now, I should have it ready within a few months. I was planning on dropping last Halloween but there was a few unforeseen hiccups that's caused me to push the project back but I promise it'll be worth the wait.

Boston Culture: Did the pandemic affect any of your plans? T.H.Z: Actually yeah man I was supposed to open for Tech N9ne in Worcester last summer but the pandemic caused it to be rescheduled till June 4th 2021. That shows going to be fucking crazy.

Boston Culture: What brands should sponsor you? T.H.Z: Vans, no question about it haha.

Boston Culture: Anything else we missed you want to tell your fans? T.H.Z: I just want to say Im doing this for everyone who's been counted out. I know what it's like to be the outcast, the uninvited and the left out. We all in this together and I love every single one of fans more than they know. THE INVASION HAS BEGUN 🛸

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