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Boston Royale's unique sound setting him apart with strong following

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Royale talks about how Cousin Stizz inspired him, his hungry mentality, upcoming project, the Boston music scene and a lot more. He recently released new visuals.

Boston-bred artist Royale began his music pursuit in Durham, NC where he moved to at the age of 14. After enduring hardships that came with the street life he moved back to his home state of Massachusetts. Shortly after he was detained and sat a year in a half in a Suffolk Country jail. After being released he continued his music passion. His raw lyrics with a southern bounce is shown off in his most recent 9 song project "Trials & Tribulations".

Boston Culture: You have a huge following in Boston and the South. How?

Boston Royale: My 2 biggest followings are in Massachusetts and North Carolina cause’ I grew up in both places. I really put in ground work in both states and have personal relationships with other people in the field of music so it helps a lot.

Royale talks about how he got into rapping.

I’ve always loved music but after hearing that a person I know an grew up with was a rapper (Cousin Stizz) and knew I wanted to tell me story through music so I just started writing like crazy.

Boston Culture: You can rap. You can sing. Talk to me about your style.

Boston Royale: As a musician I don’t like to be categorized but I definitely came up singing more than rapping. My mother always listened to soulful music so that’s where the singing started and the rap is what I’ve always just loved. Getting lost in words that paint a picture or tell a story that’s dope. And my next tape “king of hearts” more melodic and soulful is just about finished and set to drop this summer.

Boston Culture: Talk us about ‘Securus”.

Boston Royale: Securus Is hands down my best song out in my opinion. It’s so raw and you can just feel every word. When I wrote it I literally just got off the phone and needed to talk to somebody and my homie was the only person that had picked up that day and I just took all that emotion and put it in that song. It’s like a broad look on the day to day behind the wall along with the emotion feel of it.

Boston Royale on #TheLaunchPad with DJ E DUBBLE

Fav Smoke: Wedding cake or Gelato cake

Fav Studio: Phoenix down

Fav food to cook: Steak

Food for take-out: West Indian food

Favorite album: Jay-z-Reasonable doubt

Fav Hobbies: Working out

Fav part of Quarantine:Stacking bread

Boston Culture: Where do you want to be by this time next year?

Boston Royale: Next year this time I just want to be finished with this case off this bracelet to be able to travel and be able max out my potential with this music.

Boston Culture:What have you been working on?

Boston Royale: After releasing Trials and Tribulations I shifted focus and started dealing more with doing music with other artist. I have songs and visuals coming with a couple artist like Lord Ju , 8zip, dufflebagtrappy and 2GP. Also working on some new FIRE with a dope local producer @hereallywitit who has some crazyyyyyyy sounds so I’m excited.

"I Remember/Gettin Money" Shot/Edited by @Billion Dollar Visions

Boston Culture: Was there ever a session when you thought. "Yo this is crazy"?

Boston Royale: Definitely a wow moment was when I made the track ‘Come thru’ which will be on my next project’ ‘King of Hearts’. I always sing the song out loud but to hear the finish product blew my mind. I listened to the song 100 times in a row that day. And longest session 12 hours. my next projects done already lol

Boston Culture: What made you want to create your first song?

Boston Royale: I started rapping in like 2016 after listening to cousins stizz first project I wanted to give my view point on a lot things happening. So my homies called up who’s now one of my mosted worked with producer Keyz on the beat and we just made this track ‘get you high ‘ with my homie flip.

Boston Culture: Tell me about your process in creating music.

Boston Royale: my music process is slow lol unless I gotta write something ASAP. I like to take my time and really absorb the beat then I figure the emotion I want to but in the song and just go there submerged in and it’s easy after that. I always use paper and pen it’s retro but there’s nothing like it. I have over 200 hand written songs. Hard to organize but I love it.

Boston Culture: What inspires you to create?

Boston Royale: the best moments as an artist is when I get an email or message or someone stops me on the street and tells me how my music specifically Securus helped them get thru what for some is the toughest time of your life. An to be able to take someone away from that even if just for a sec I’d a amazing feeling. It’s keeps my fire lite frfr. The fans are everything

Boston Culture: Best advice you got?

Boston Royale: the best advice I got early in my music career was always just your soul in it , they can feel it. I live by that I’m very vulnerable in my music.

Boston Culture: What do you think of the Boston music scene?

Boston Royale: Boston has some amazing talent but no one is supporting each other or helping them to get into position. I hear it all the time , crabs in a bucket. If we become a unit we’ll be unstoppable

Boston Culture: What do you dislike about the industry?

Boston Royale: I don’t like the politics in this music industry it not real at all.

Boston Culture: Did the pandemic affect you in any way?

Boston Royale: the biggest effect the pandemic had was stopping the courts. I was suppose to take a deal and some time but due to Covid it’s all at a hault.

Other than that we ain’t stop

Boston Culture: Who is your biggest influence?

Boston Royale: My biggest influence in music is jay z and Gucci mane especially Gucci he gave me my grind young man. And in life my mother is hands down my biggest influence

Boston Culture:What inspires you to stay focused?

Boston Royale: That’s a good question. I been through so much as an individual and just knowing that where I’m at now isn’t even close to where I know I wanna be can be and should be. I know that every day we get closer to our goals we just gotta be willing to put in the work so we continue to move forward one step at a time. Give me your ear cause I promise I got something to say. Royale

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